Keynote Speakers


Professor Lene Tangaard

Professor Lene Tanggaard
Professor of Psychology, 
Director of The International
Centre for the Cultural
Psychology of Creativity (ICCPC),
University of Aalborg, Denmark

Plenary 1: Wednesday 11th December
Dynamic Perspectives on Creativity in Higher Education

In her Keynote, Professor Lene Tanggaard will set the scene for the conference by fuelling discussions on the dilemmas, the challenges and key opportunities in working with creativity in education broadly and in higher education more specifically. Tanggaard will present basic definitions of creativity and related terms such as invention and innovation, together with their possible roles as concepts in a higher educational setting. Our speaker will invite us to adopt more dynamic perspectives on creativity, focusing on the central role of faculty and staff relationships in the development of creativity at an organizational level in departments and in teaching and research units. The difference between teaching creatively versus teaching for creativity will be outlined, and Tanggaard will present her own teaching model for creativity applied in a university setting, meeting a central concern of how to enable students to take part in creative communities as part of their education.

Lene Tanggaard is Professor of Psychology in the Department of Communication and Psychology at the University of Aalborg, Denmark, where she serves as Vice Head of Department, advisor for several Ph.D.-students, Director of The International Centre for the Cultural Psychology of Creativity (ICCPC), and co-director of the Center for Qualitative Studies, a network of more than 90 professors and researchers concerned with methodology and development of new research tools ( She is regional editor of The International Journal of Qualitative Research in Education. Publications include: Glaveanu, V. P., Tanggaard, L. & Wegener, C. (2016), Creativity: A new vocabulary Palgrave Macmillan and Tanggaard, L. (2018). Creativity in Higher education: Apprenticeship as a ‘thinking-model’ for bringing back more dynamic, teaching and research in a university context. I J. Valsiner, A. Lutsenko, & A. Antoniouk (red.), Sustainable Futures for Higher Education: The making of knowledge makers (pp. 263-277). Schweitzerland: Springer. Cultural Psychology of Education.

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