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Alumni engagement in Higher Education

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Facilitators: Dr Fiona Cownie, Senior Principal Academic Bournemouth University; Jonathan Goode, Head of Alumni Relations, Bournemouth University.

Speakers: Mel Godfrey, London South Bank University, Dev Mistry, International Motors, Iv Marks, Bournemouth University

Alumni are an important and increasing stakeholder group within higher education. As alumni grow in numbers, their perspectives become increasingly important. Alumni can offer informed, reflective analyses of higher education and are a potentially valuable resource, within curriculum delivery and course promotion. Alumni engagement can contribute to student experiences and arguably is an important indicator of the sustained connection universities build with their students as alumni move from education into the workplace.

In May 2018, changes to data protection legislation means that universities will be only able to send electronic communications to alumni who have actively ‘opted in’ to ongoing conversations.  This may present a challenge to institutions in connecting with their alumni database, or perhaps it provides an immediate filter to identify those students who really want to retain a relationship with their university. It also prompts institutions to reconsider the drivers for alumni engagement and to re-evaluate alumni perceptions of value within mutually beneficial relationships.

This workshop provides an opportunity for SRHE members to focus on alumni and the potential opportunities for alumni engagement. Such engagement can enhance student experiences, but also serve to sustain alumni relationships. Whether you are an academic seeking to sustain connections with your students, an educational leader looking for strategies to enhance the student experience, or a member of an alumni team tasked to develop engagement strategies with your alumni database, this is a relevant and important workshop for you to attend.  The workshop will provide opportunities to listen to academics who are engaged in research with alumni populations and to hear the alumni voice directly. It will provide opportunities to share good practice and to craft strategies to help your alumni engage with you and your university.

Fiona is experienced in leading the student experience at Bournemouth University.  Her research focus is a relational approach to HE and its implications for the student experience. Fiona’s teaching lies within the areas of relationship marketing and word-of-mouth communication. She is part of the Student Experiences assessor team for the SRHE.


Jonathan is a marketing and communications professional with more than 10 years’ experience of delivering campaigns within the public sector. As Head of Alumni Relations at Bournemouth University, he is developing the institution’s approach to alumni engagement with a focus on enriching the student experience and enhancing graduate employability.

1100-1130:      Registration

1130-1200:      Do alumni want to give back to their universities?

                        Dr Fiona Cownie, Bournemouth University

1200-1215:      Questions

1215-1245:      Creating a culture of giving back 
Mel Godfrey, London South Bank University. 

1245-1300:      Questions

1300-1345:      Lunch

1345-1415:      Measuring alumni engagement
                        Jonathan Goode, Bournemouth University

1415-1430:      Questions

1430-1500:      The alumni experience:

‘Learning from industry about recognition and implications for HE interactions with alumni'
Dev Mistry, International Motors

‘Getting the most out of the alumni you employ’.
            Iv Marks, Bournemouth University

1500-1515:      Questions

1515-1530:      Overall reflections.

1530:               Close

Network: Student Experience
Date(s): Wednesday, 16 May 2018
Times: 11:30 - 15:30
Location: SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE
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Learning from industry about recognition and implications for HE interactions with alumni
Dev Mistry
Measuring alumni engagement
Jonathan Goode
Do alumni want to give back to their university?
Fiona Cownie
Building a Give Back Culture A unique partnership with LSBU Marke<ng Alumni Meaningful? Sustainab
Mel Godfrey
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