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A Toolkit for Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Learning: developing and assessing interdisciplinary skills

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Interdisciplinarity remains a widely used but disputed term in higher education, especially in relation to undergraduate teaching. At the same time, employers increasingly ask for graduates who are experts in their field, but can also work effectively with experts from other fields. This interdisciplinary capacity is also vital for equipping students to tackle complex and global issues that threaten well being and sustainability in the world today.  Designing opportunities for our students to acquire interdisciplinary skills is therefore important but challenging, particularly with regard to our ability to assess whether these skills have been learnt effectively.

In this full-day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to work with a new Teaching InterdisciplinarityToolkit. This has been designed to help staff create new modules or partnerships between existing modules, in any combination of subjects. The toolkit explores the full interdisciplinary learning process, from design and logistics, through to running the module or project, and finally to assessing students’ interdisciplinary skill development. It builds on a research-based model for teaching interdisciplinarity, which challenges several conventional approaches. It also draws from the outcomes of a recent HEFCE funded curriculum development project to put this model into practice.

The workshop will be informative but also interactive and provide opportunity for participants to explore the toolkit, practice the different steps, ask questions, and share points of views.

Dr Dave Morrison is a Researcher in Higher Education at the University of Plymouth. Currently he is engaged in projects on interdisciplinary teaching, internationalisation of the curriculum and curriculum development.

Dr Harriet Dismore is an Educational Developer at the University of Plymouth. Her responsibilities include supporting higher education curriculum development and research into educational transitions, lifelong learning and student voice.   
Dr Paul Warwick is Centre for Sustainable Futures Lead at the University of Plymouth. Paul is responsible for supporting curriculum development, pedagogic change and participatory research relating to exploring the potential for sustainability education within higher education.
Session outline 
10:30            Arrival and welcome
11:00            Presentation introducing the interdisciplinarity model, toolkit, and our experiences of putting it into practice
11:45            Activities engaging with the toolkit: where to find it, how to use it
12:30            Lunch
13:30            Activities using toolkit to develop your own interdisciplinary modules ideas
15:00            Break
15:15            Plenary discussion and Q&A
16:00            Close 

Network: Professional Development Programme
Date(s): Tuesday, 17 April 2018
Times: 11:00 - 16:00
Location: SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE
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Learning for the Future
Harriet Dismore, Dave Morrison and Paul Warwick
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