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Reimagining the Doctorate: ‘feasible utopias’ for expanded doctoral education

Friday, 29 June 2018

Contributors: Kay Guccione, University of Sheffield; Søren Bengtsen, Aarhus University; Dely Elliott, University of Glasgow

This participant driven research oriented workshop explores, discusses, rethinks, and encourages the building of ‘feasible utopias’ for future doctoral education. Today, doctoral education does not hinge on the relationship between the individual supervisor and student. Even though that relationship is central, the crucial point for ensuring creativity, motivation, and momentum in the doctoral journey is the research environment and the, often informal and extra-curricular, social support systems and ecologies around the formal educational infrastructure.

This workshop invites the participants to consider their own institutional infrastructure and formal support systems for doctoral students at their home institution, and to identify challenges and potentials for development. Based on that, the participants start imagining and building their own doctoral ecologies and ‘feasible utopias’ for future doctoral education as they envision it. Finally, the actual and imagined realities for doctoral student support are compared, and the participants are asked to set up an action plan for how to improve and develop initiatives for new forms of quality and support within their Graduate School environments and climates. All way through, the workshop is facilitated by three researchers and developers of doctoral education, who provide a framework for PGR community building, a framework for an expanded doctoral pedagogy, and new approaches to peer-mentoring and peer-coaching of doctoral students, in order to provide platforms for new insight for the participants.

The workshop is aimed at a mixed audience of Doctoral Students, Supervisors, Researcher and Academic Developers, as well as Researchers.  Post-session we can get in touch to find out what might have changed: an email will be sent to participants after 2 months and after 6 months aiming to capture any impact resulting from the session.



Network: Postgraduate Issues
Date(s): Friday, 29 June 2018
Times: 12:00 - 16:00
Location: SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE
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