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Critical Appraisal of Research Producing Quantitative Data

Monday, 21 October 2019

The ability to critically appraise published research is a key skill for anyone involved in using and/or undertaking research. Within this course we discuss the importance of defining a meaningful research question and the key research factors implicated in answering a research question in an efficient and valid way. The following topics are discussed and are of use when designing your own research study and/or evaluating existing published material:

·         Defining a hypothesis

·         Observational and experimental study designs

·         Sampling and randomisation

·         Bias and confounding

·         Research protocols, checklists and records

·         Competing study designs

·         Displays and analysis of data

·         Common pitfalls in analysis

·         Reporting of results

·         Validity of the results with respect to the research question

Delegates are given the opportunity to examine sample research design and appraisal checklists and to apply the skills gained throughout the course via practical appraisal activities.

Facilitator: Eirini Koutoumanou, Senior Teaching Fellow, University College London

Network: Professional Development Programme
Date(s): Monday, 21 October 2019
Times: 11.00-16.00
Location: SRHE, 73 Collier Street, London N1 9BE
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