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“Gendering Academic Mobility: International Perspectives”

Wednesday, 08 March 2017

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SRHE International Research and Researchers Network

AMIN – Academic Mobilities and Immobilities Network
(University of Warwick)

CSWG - Centre for the Study of Women and Gender
(University of Warwick)

“Gendering Academic Mobility: International Perspectives”
8th March 2017, University of Warwick, Coventry

 Venue: IAS Seminar Room, Millburn House, University of Warwick, CV4 7HS

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The internationalisation of the academic profession is often portrayed as a positive if not an essential trend of the current moment of higher education. Key to this trend is the global mobility of academics: from doctoral researchers to academic ‘stars’, scholars are encouraged to engage in international travel. Academic mobility includes short-term mobility such as conferences and international visits, as well as longer-term visiting positions and research collaborations, and of course permanent and semi-permanent moves within the global job market. Despite the glossy image of international academic mobility that appears in media, policy and research, there is also a counter narrative that offers a more critical perspective. As this counter narrative indicates, increasingly required mobility is not beneficial for all involved, and it is certainly not distributed evenly across geographical regions and demographic groups. Academic mobility is marked by transitions between the Global North and the Global South, between the higher education systems of ‘developing’ versus ‘developed’ countries and by the many hierarchies that stem from differing legacies of knowledge producers versus objects of knowledge. Academics are not immune to inequalities that continue to reinforce societal power balances, and they are not without caring responsibilities and geographical ties that pull against the expectation of individualistic behaviour. This exciting event brings together a range of approaches to addressing gender in relation to international academic mobility, by addressing geographies of mobility, obstacles to and effects of mobility, ways of facilitating less individualistic mobility, and the intersection of gender with other identity characteristics.

The event will be situated at the University of Warwick and is co-hosted by AMIN – Academic Mobilities and Immobilities Network and CSWG - Centre for the Study of Women and Gender. The day will be introduced by Christine Ennew, University of Warwick's Provost. There will be four presentations from international scholars. Thushari Welikela (Kings College London, UK) will present on ‘Being women and being migrant: confronting double strangeness in UK higher education’. Channah Herschberg (Radboud University, Netherlands) will discuss 'Inequality practices in the construction of international mobility as a selection criterion for assistant professor positions'.
The final two papers will give different perspectives on the mobility of dual career couples: Mark de Vos (University of Copenhagen) will present on ‘The benefits of dual careers services for women working in academia or beyond: Evidence from EURAXESS projects (TOP III) and University of Copenhagen’, and Charoula Tzanakou (University of Warwick, AMIN co-convener) on ‘Provisions for dual career couples: addressing or reinforcing gender inequalities?’. The event will close with a discussant contribution from Maria do Mar Pereira (CSWG Deputy Director, University of Warwick, UK).
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Network: International Research and Researchers
Date: Wednesday, 08 March 2017
Times: 11.00-16.30
Location: University of Warwick
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The benefits of dual career services for women working in academia or beyond
Mark de Vos Sr. Int. Mobility Consultant University of Copehnagen
Provisions for dual career couples: addressing or reinforcing gender inequalities?
Charoula Tzanakou, University of Warwick, AMIN co-convener
Being Women and being Migrant: Confronting Double Strangeness in UK Higher Education
Dr Thushari Welikala King’s Learning Institute
Inequality practices in the construction of international mobility as a selection criterion for assi
Channah Herschberg – - @HerschbergC Radboud University, Institute for Management Research
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