Access and Widening Participation

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Kate Thomas, Birmingham City University

The SRHE Access and Widening Participation Network will bring colleagues together who are concerned with issues of access, participation, inclusion, equity and social justice in higher education.

The Network aims to:

  • develop a reflexive space for higher education lecturers, policy-makers, managers, leaders and researchers to contribute to ways of conceptualising widening participation. The aims and objectives of the Network will be developed through discussions and consultation with members but will be concerned with the ways that research influences, shapes and develops WP strategies, policies, discourses and practices;
  • provide a supportive framework to bring together diverse perspectives to the field of higher education studies and to draw on these strengths to develop critical, analytical and theoretical approaches to researching widening participation. It will collectively consider issues of methodology and how to best develop sophisticated methodological frameworks to help us better understand the nature of in/equality, under/representation, mis/recognition in higher education institutions in local, national and global contexts. It will consider how different and competing epistemological frameworks might be usefully drawn together to strengthen the areas of research on widening participation;
  • will be interested in supporting research on widening participation including a focus on the following areas: access, admissions, non/participation, quality and equality frameworks, student experiences and identities, staff experiences and identities, inclusive pedagogies, curriculum, assessment practices, class, gender and race relations, funding, choice and transitions, what higher education is and who it is for. However, the Network will be interested to hear from members to develop such approaches and to consider the direction the Network in finer detail.


Further Details
Please email Professor Jacqueline Stevenson or Kate Thomas to begin a dialogue.

Network Files


Upcoming Events +

16 June 2017
Maximising the impact of early career researchers’ work on policy, practice and discourse

Past Events +

09 March 2017
Investigating inequalities in graduate outcomes

24 February 2017
Theory, Practice and Impact in Widening Participation: The NERUPI Framework

30 June 2016
Supporting refugee access, retention and success in higher education

24 May 2016
Making Sense of Student Lifecycles and Transitions

22 April 2016
Re-thinking ´family´ in relationship to higher education

15 April 2016
Using research to inform higher education policy and practice

08 April 2016
Researching the Micro and Local in Widening Participation Practice: Seminar 3

24 February 2016
Researching the Micro and Local in Widening Participation Practice: Seminar 2

22 January 2016
Researching the Micro and Local in Widening Participation Practice: Seminar 1

15 January 2016
Bridging the divide between ‘Practitioner’ and ‘Academic’

06 July 2015
Researching and Evaluating Widening Participation - Next Steps

08 June 2015
Researching and Evaluating Widening Participation -Employability and graduate Destinations

11 May 2015
Researching and Evaluating Widening Participation - The culture of higher education and the student experience

13 April 2015
Researching and Evaluating Widening Participation - Mature and part-time students: Accessing and succeeding in HE

23 March 2015
Researching and Evaluating Widening Participation - Learning, teaching and curriculum in higher education

11 February 2015
From Freshers´ week to Finals: using LGBT student perspectives of higher education to inform research and practice

09 February 2015
Researching and Evaluating Widening Participation - University outreach activities and progression to higher education

22 January 2015
Researching and Evaluating Widening Participation - Schooling, attainment and admission to higher education

08 July 2014
Revisiting ‘diversity’ in higher education

29 May 2014
Religion and Belief in Higher Education

08 May 2014
Exploring Gender issues within Higher Education: Forced Marriages and Violence against Women

09 July 2013
Teaching Inclusively: Changing Pedagogical Spaces

30 April 2013
Forming Aspirations in STEM Subjects

14 November 2012
Widening Participation Professional Practice and Identities

14 July 2011
The Ethics of Widening Participation

15 April 2010
Fair Access? Research on admissions to higher education

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