Employability, Enterprise and Work-based Learning

Convenors: Dr. Heike Behle, University of Hohenheim
Email: Heike.Behle@uni-hohenheim.de
Dr Ciaran Burke, University of the West of England, Bristol
Email: Ciaran.Burke@uwe.ac.uk
Dr Daria Luchinskaya, University of Strathclyde
Email: Daria.Luchinskaya@strath.ac.uk

The demand for higher education has never been greater as universities compete globally to attract students. Rising demand is being met through greater diversity of provision, including a significant growth in private provision. Prospective students consequently have a breadth of choice about where to study, what to study and what their choices might bring in terms of quality of the HE experience, future career opportunities and potential levels of incurred student debt.  
This has led students and their families to look hard at the value of return on their investment in higher education and may even put some off participation in HE at all. The search for innovation and economic growth has renewed interest in enterprise and the extent to which relevant skills and capabilities are nurtured by higher education.  Work-based learning appears to have a key role in addressing these related issues and there is renewed interest in exploring the relevance and value of work placements and internships.
Some argue that the responsibilities of HE go beyond these utilitarian practicalities and involve an ethical dimension, especially for courses and institutions that have sought actively to widen participation and to recruit new social groups for whom the levels of debt involved are problematic. For them, it can be argued ensuring improved life chances is critical unless HE is to be reduced to a cynical recruitment exercise. 
This Network is concerned with research on the policy and practice surrounding these issues at a variety of levels from international policy debate on the social and economic role of graduates, national reports on employer engagement through to the effectiveness of institutional provision. 
Specific aims include:
• To engage with research and official publications intended to inform policy and/or practice in the areas of employability, enterprise and work-based learning
• To work with appropriate interest groups promoting or undertaking relevant research, including Association of Sandwich Education and Training (ASET), Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), Higher Education Academy (HEA), Centre for Industry and HE (CIHE), Higher Education Careers Unit (HECSU).
• To disseminate research, enabling researchers to showcase work that they are undertaking, share early findings, identify appropriate outlets for publications and support one another in their endeavours.
For further information, please contact the Network convenors via the above details or the SRHE at fsmit@srhe.ac.uk 

Upcoming Events +

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Past Events +

29 October 2020
Digital footprints: The transformation of measuring employability in higher education settings

30 July 2020
Digital platforms, digital labour, and the future of employability

13 September 2019
How do different HE institutions address graduate employability?

16 November 2018
International Graduate Employability: Trajectories and Performance. Workshop 2: Drivers for Change

22 June 2018
International Graduate Employability: Trajectories and Performance. Workshop 1. Employment outcomes

21 November 2017
Measuring Employability Gain – approaches from different countries

19 May 2017
Postgraduate study and employability

11 November 2016
The Subject Dimension: Embedding Work Based Learning, Placements and Enterprise in Subjects and Disciplines

24 May 2016
Employability and Social Mobility

13 November 2015
Developing the most employable global citizens: How can we encourage and celebrate outward mobility and working abroad?

22 May 2015
Clear Blue Water or Opportunity and Synergy?

24 October 2014
Supporting University-Work Transitions? Exploring the Impact of Work Placements and Internships

02 May 2014
Why do Internships and Placements matter? Further sharing of current research

08 November 2013
Placement Provision: what does research show us

09 May 2013
Employer Engagement: what research do we need?

21 May 2010
Graduate Employment, Graduate Employability, Mapping the Research Field, Setting the Research Agenda

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