Newer Researchers

Dr Mark J.P. Kerrigan, Anglia Ruskin University
Dr Richard Jones, Buckinghamshire New University
Dr Saranne Weller, London South Bank University

This SRHE network is for individuals who consider themselves as 'newer researchers' in the field of higher education. We appreciate the broad range of career paths that newer higher education researchers have followed and our membership and activities aim to embrace this diversity. The network is aimed at:

  • postgraduate students (including full time and part time)
  • postdoctoral and early career researchers
  • newer academics from a range of disciplinary backgrounds
  • researchers newer to carrying out research in the field of HE

Essentially, if you consider yourself a newer researcher in higher education, and would like to be involved in the network's activities, then you are welcome to join.

Our aim is to provide opportunities for new researchers to develop links with national and international peers, share their developing research and build capacity as researchers within a supportive research community.

Our activities include:


Upcoming Events +

There are no scheduled upcoming events for this network

Past Events +

04 October 2016
SRHE Newer Researchers Award winners presentations

18 May 2016
Newer Researchers Online Webinar

29 April 2016
Research in the digital environment: Opportunities risks & best practice

23 March 2016
SRHE Newer Researchers Online Launch event

27 November 2013
Undertaking a Literature Review

21 November 2013
Research Methodologies

19 November 2013
Developing Theoretical perspectives from your research

05 November 2013
Effective Peer Reviewing

29 October 2013
Demystifying and Preparing for the Doctoral Viva

22 October 2013
Publishing Academic Articles: A way through the maze

17 October 2013
Locating Yourself in Higher Education Research

08 October 2013
Preparing Research Proposals

02 October 2013
The challenges of analysing qualitative data

25 September 2013
Academic Writing Skills (London)

26 July 2013
Academic Writing Skills (Glasgow)

26 June 2013
Research Methodologies

18 June 2013
Developing Theoretical perspectives from your research

11 June 2013
Demystifying and Preparing for the Doctoral Viva

07 June 2013
Preparing Research Proposals

05 June 2013
Publishing Academic Articles

29 May 2013
The challenges of analysing qualitative data

02 May 2013
Undertaking a Literature Review

24 April 2013
Effective Peer Reviewing

13 February 2013
Academic Writing Skills

06 November 2012
Publishing Academic Articles

24 October 2012
Undertaking a Literature Review

16 October 2012
Preparing for the Doctoral Viva

27 September 2012
Developing Theoretical perspectives from your research

12 September 2012
Academic Writing Skills

30 April 2012
Engagement with HE Policy: Call for interviews by 30th April 2012

16 June 2011
Undertaking A Literature Review And Writing Up Research

13 May 2010
Demystifying and preparing for the Doctoral Viva

23 April 2010
Generating Theory from your Research

08 April 2010
Academic Writing Skills and Getting Published

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8th June, Leeds
Forced Migrants in HE: Challenges & Opportunities
6th Sept. 2017
Symposium: Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience
6 Sep - Univ. of Surrey
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