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The Jagdish Gundara Memorial Symposium

9th Feb 2018

International Centre for Intercultural Studies

                                                         UCL Institute of Education

                                      The Jagdish Gundara Memorial Symposium

                   Global Challenges to Social Justice and the Future of Intercultural Education


Friday 9 February 2018

Venue: Lecture Theatre (G12)1-19 Torrington Place

London WC1E 7HB


An all-day symposium to honour the memory of Professor Jagdish Gundara (1938 – 2016)

First Director of the International Centre for Intercultural Studies, UCL Institute of Education

This symposium will seek to explore some of the immediate and recurring challenges to the achievement of social justice in a global context and their ramifications for intercultural education. Specifically, issues concerned with truth, equity, social division and diversity will be highlighted as a backdrop to a discussion of signposts for positive intercultural engagement at all levels of education. While recent political events and continuing violence and warfare, together with migration and refugee ‘crises’, contribute to an ongoing climate of fear and reaction there is also an impetus to engage with more imaginative perspectives in the pursuit of increased global justice. Accordingly, the symposium aims at a cross-disciplinary approach with contributions from those in fields such as law and the social sciences, as well as those who are involved with pedagogy, adult learning and teacher education.

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