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Reflexive Leadership: On Organizing in an Imperfect World

Tuesday 11th June 2019


14.00 to 15.30 – Followed by refreshments
School of Management Executive Suite
First floor, The Edge
University of Bath
Leadership is a popular term, idea, possible recipe and perhaps fantasy for making organizations work. It easily becomes a matter of everything and nothing. The presentation challenges the taken-for- granted assumptions and language of the leadership industry and makes a case for reflexive leadership. Through interviews with managers and those they manage, the critical deployment of leadership theories and other social science perspectives, the options and limitations of leadership are discussed. Alternative management, power, autonomy, groups and network relations are presented that help develop sharper and more thoughtful thinking and practice in both academic and practitioner contexts.
The talk is based on Alvesson, Blom and Sveningsson: Reflexive Leadership


Professor Mats Alvesson holds a chair in the Business Administration Department at Lund University in Sweden and is part-time professor at the University of Queensland Business School as well as City University London. He is Visiting Professor in the School of Management's International Centre for Higher Education Management at the University of Bath. He has undertaken extensive research and published widely in the areas of qualitative and reflexive methodology, critical theory, organizational culture, knowledge work, identity in organizations, gender, organizational change and management consultancy. Mats has published more than 30 books with leading publishers and hundreds of articles, including in the Academy of Management Review, Human Relations and Journal of Management Studies, many of which are widely cited and used in higher levels in university education. He is a frequent keynote speaker at academic and practitioner conferences.
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