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Migrant journeys through educational system in England

14 June, York

This one-day event is organised by the University of York Migration Network, and hosted by the Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice within the Department of Education, University of York.  It is funded by the Research Centre for Social Sciences, University of York.

Between 1993 and 2014, the size of the foreign-born population in the UK increased from about 3.8 million to over 8.3 million. During the same period the number of foreign citizens increased from nearly 2 million to more than 5 million.  Of these, a staggering figure of over 30% are children or youth.

Although universities and researchers have recently been turning their attention to the issue of access to higher education for forced migrants in particular, this problem is not new.  Migrants resident in England face various barriers to securing a place at universities, and further problems preventing them from successfully completing degree programmes.  Many of these problems are linked to their school experience – it is therefore important that young migrants are identified as a target group for participation and outreach activities in schools to help them eventually get in to, and succeed at universities.

The purpose of this symposium is to bring together researchers and educators who are researching and working in educational contexts where issues of access and support arise for migrant children and young people, to highlight theoretical perspectives, empirical contributions, and policy implications addressing how best to promote migrants’ educational success in the schools and universities in England.

We require all attendees to register for the event at  as places are limited.

Call for abstracts

We invite papers that address the themes of the symposium. Please submit a title and an abstract of 200-300 words, focusing on the proposed content of the presentation rather than background. Please add a brief bio of about 100 words for each speaker (include name and institution(s)).  We particularly welcome presentations by doctoral and newer researchers as well as educational practitioners.

Abstracts of papers should be emailed to by 30th  of April (please include “ABSTRACT FOR M&E” in the subject line of your email).  

Please include the name and email of the corresponding author.  Abstracts will be reviewed by an advisory committee and participants will be notified of acceptance by 14th of May 2017.

Any questions can be directed to the event organisers at or +44 758 41 36 199.

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