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International Handbook of Gender Equity in HE

30 June

We are seeking contributors for The International Handbook of Gender Equity in Higher Education for Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.  The Handbook will provide a provocative collection of leading researchers’ thinking on the current intersection of gender and higher education, offering a bold picture of the research in the field of higher education and gender equity, while also projecting future paths of exploration, inquiry, and action.  The guiding objectives for the Handbook include:

•             Present a comprehensive overview of the work in gender and higher education globally;

•             Identify significant themes, trends, and controversies in higher education research related to gender equity;

    •             Explore current theoretical frameworks and the ways these shape the research;

•             Articulate absences and silences in the field’s inquiry and theory;

•             Examine the field’s major methodological paradigms and the political contexts in which researchers, policy makers, and research funders operate;

•             Highlight new and emerging research;

•             Explore areas of need for action. 

A distinguished list of contributors has already agreed to write for the volume on numerous gender dynamics in contemporary higher education.  We are now seeking contributors for the following general topics (or similar):

Gender and International Development Research

Gender Issues, Practices, and Concerns in US Institutions Abroad

Chilly Climates and Microaggressions

Higher Ed Curriculum and Gender

Women’s Centers (and Men’s or Gender Centers)

Work–School Balance

Community College Students and Gender

Gender Issues in Higher Education Athletics

Gender and the Economics of Higher Education

Governing Boards and Their Relationship to Gender Issues in Higher Education

The Sexualization of Students and Higher Education

Colleges and Universities Serving Historically Underserved or Specialized Populations (e.g., HBCUs, Tribal Institutions) and Their Influences on Gender Equity

Higher Education Costs and Gender Implications Worldwide

For-Profit Education and its Impact on Gender Equity

Critical Gender Studies Methodologies

Natural Science Methodological Paradigms and Their Impact on Gender in Higher Education


Each chapter can be up to 10,000 words in length inclusive of references in APA 6th Edition.

Important deadlines:

•                Friday, June 30, 2017: Letter of interest (500 words) submitted to

•                Friday, July 7, 2017: Notifications of acceptance sent out

•                Monday, October 2, 2017: working outline or draft submitted to editors

•                Friday, October 20, 2017: Feedback and request for revisions sent to authors

•                Monday, December 4, 2017: Final draft of articles due to editors


We would be honored if you would be willing to contribute.

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