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Widening Participation Research: New findings from the sector

Wednesday September 13th

This one day event presents finding from widening participation practitioners who have participated in a one year writing programme sponsored by the Office for Fair Access, delivered by Sheffield Hallam University and supported by academics from across the sector. Participants will be able to hear papers presenting new research as well as participate in a series of workshops designed to support people’s writing.

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The full draft programme:


Widening Participation Research: new findings from the sector (free event)

Sponsored by the Office for Fair Access and Sheffield Hallam University

Wednesday September 13th

Sheffield Hallam University, Cantor building

10.00 - 4.30






Registration and refreshments



Welcome and opening remarks

Professor Les Ebden, Office for Fair Access

Professor Christina Hughes,  Sheffield Hallam University

Cantor 9130


The OFFA writing programme

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, Sheffield Hallam University

Rae Tooth, Office for Fair Access

Cantor 9130


Paper session 1

Problematising WP discourses

·         White ‘working class’ boys: challenges for widening participation policy and practice: Paul Blagburn, University of Warwick

·         Defensive othering: theorising British Pakistani and Bangladeshi women’s strategies and constructions of self-identity within higher education and the labour market: Farhana Ghaffar, Oxford Brookes University

Cantor 9129

Affecting change through outreach programmes

·         The effectiveness of outreach on widening access to selective universities: An evaluation of the Academic Enrichment Programme: Shaheen Barkat, University of Birmingham

·         Reaching out to boys: understanding male participation in post 16 outreach activity: Helen Smith, University of York

Cantor 9131

Well-being and support

·         The financial factors associated with high and low wellbeing in undergraduate students: Jessica Benson-Egglenton, Queen Mary University of London

·         The influence of family estrangement and homelessness on student success: Becca Bland, Stand Alone

Cantor 9132

Problematising WP policy and practice

·         Ethical considerations when targeting under-represented students for widening participation activities: Katherine Sela, University of Surrey

·         The widening participation iceberg: engaging with the source or the symptom of underrepresentation? : Gino Graziano, University of Sussex

Cantor 9137





Workshops 1

Transforming Practice into a Research Publication Annette Hayton, University of Bath

Cantor 9129

The Anatomy of a Published Journal Article: Dr Julian Crockford, University of Sheffield

Cantor 9131



What journal editors are looking for in an article; Dr Colin McCaig, Sheffield Hallam University

Cantor 9132


Lunch and posters



Paper session 2

Engaging young people: what works

·         The more colours you add, the nicer the picture: why are BAME students underrepresented on arts degrees?: Nienke Alberts, London Higher

·         Engaging primary school children: a schools science fair engaging widening participation students with STEM careers: Andrew Ross, University of Bath

Cantor 9129


Institutional approaches to WP

·         A transformative approach to access and engagement in higher education: a case study of analysis of an alternative ‘campus culture’ at Coventry University College: Anthony Aylmer, CU Coventry

·          ‘Blurred boundaries’ – encouraging greater dialogue and understanding between student recruitment and widening participation: Chris Bayes, Shaping Futures, University of Liverpool

Cantor 9131


WP and social mobility

·         Widening participation study abroad summer school: Elaine Warrener and Nick Lowthorpe, University of Hull

·         A systematic review of the relation between peer assisted learning schemes and student success: a widening participation perspective: Michael Hall and Sarah-Louise Collins, University of Winchester

Cantor 9132


Categorisations and targeting

·         White working class boys: the issue of categorisation in HE widening participation: Jade Hunter, Suzanne Hewings and Amy Suddards, University College London

·         Student success and student funding: investigating disadvantaged undergraduates’ retention and attainment when they are in receipt of university financial support that is allied with non-financial support interventions:: Matt Dollery, University of Leeds

Cantor 9137


Changeover for workshop 2



Workshops 2

Dissemination and impact Dr Katy Vigurs, University of Derby and Dr Sue Eccles, Bournemouth University

Cantor 9129




Trees, spiders and clouds: using mindmaps in thinking about your next paper: Dr Rita Hordosy, University of Sheffield

Cantor 9131







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