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Educating China on the move: China’s relations with key strategic powers

1st December

The third of a series of three seminars on 'A Sociology of Contemporary Chinese Mobilities', funded by the Sociological Review Foundation. 

Organisers: Dr Cora Lingling Xu (Keele University) and Professor Catherine Montgomery (University of Bath)

With the quickening pace of economic development in China and the overall shift in political economy globally, China’s approaches towards globalisation, as manifested in its many new forms of mobilities, can have far-reaching social and political impacts on China itself, on Asia and the rest of the world. To date, however, little research has been done to facilitate a systematic sociological understanding of the complex relationships between the Chinese modes of globalisation and their impacts on social change and development of Chinese societies, and the rest of the world.

Taking education as a vehicle, this series of three seminars seeks to answer key questions including:

  • What are the current trends of educational mobilities within and across China?
  • How do group mobilities for education work and what are the impacts on the individuals, the country, and the rest of the world?
  • What does it mean to be educationally (im)mobile in China?
  • How will educational (im)mobilities within and beyond China develop in the future?
  • Registration is free and complimentary lunch and refreshments will be provided. 

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