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Theory of Change & Learning Gain or Learner Analytics - Call for book chapt


The Editorial Team, Samuel Dent (Nottingham Trent), Anna Mountford-Zimdars (Exeter), and Ciaran Burke (UWE), welcome expressions of interest in chapter contributions to their new book proposal, which explores the application and debates around the use of ‘Theory of Change’ (TOC) in higher education, particularly connected to widening participation, equity and inclusivity.


We are looking for expressions of interest in contributing a chapter to this book from practices in Learning Gain monitoring or measures, or the application of Learner Analytics. Contributions could look at, but are not required to, cover issues such as;

·         Discussion of how to/debates around applying the TOC approach to measurement of learning gain or use of learner analytics

·         Discussion of how to/debates around revisions to existing approach’s to learning gain or learner analytics work or practices to respond to the adoption of a TOC approach

·         Case Studies of particular institutions adoption of learning gain or learner analytics using evaluations, pilots or institutional activity which incorporates TOC at an institution in module or programme development

·         Case study discussions of how TOC could be used to understand existing projects, programmes or initiatives which have used or focused on learning gain or learner analytics


We particular welcome chapters from staff with direct experience of working on or with learning gain or learner analytics. Prior experience of publication or research in the area of curriculum development is desirable but not required.


The Book


The overall aim of this book is to establish a coherent understanding of what a Theory of Change approach is, and how to use, in the context of Access and Participation in HE. This includes debates around the growth and utility of the approach, alongside discussions of its application in practice. The book seeks to bring together a rigours academic approach to understanding the approach, and create a common lexicon for researchers, evaluators, academics and practitioners to utilise the approach in a meaningful way. This book represents a response to a need within the HE sector nationally and internationally, as ‘theory of change’ become more widely used in policy discourses, and institutions, academics and professionals seek to articulate a coherent understanding of the impact their work has at every stage of the student lifecycle on addressing inequalities and disparities in access and widening participation.  


Expressions of Interest


Please email expressions of interest of not more than 250 word, to by 10th November 2019.


Your expression of interest should include;

·         The key area or aspect that your chapter would focus on

·         A brief summary of your argument or Data and discussion you would present.

·         A clear statement of how this contributes to developing an understanding of ‘theory of change’ across


Please also include a brief biography and if available a brief list of your key publications.


Please note to avoid conflicts of interest only editors from outside an author’s institution will review and decide upon expressions of interest.


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