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Share your Research: A programme of Online Webinars

Closing date 23 Aug 19

SRHE Newer and Early Career Researchers Network 2019

Through the current SRHE programme of Network events and online events the Society seeks to provide a platform to present the most interesting and cutting edge research taking place within the field of higher education research.

We strongly suspect that there are many important areas under investigation, particularly within our newer researcher community that are not seeing the light of day.

We want to try to dig a little deeper, to find out more about what is happening in our field, and share this with our members and other interested parties in a lively and interesting manner.

Would you be interested in being part of this and share YOUR research with a wider audience of interested peers? If so, here’s what to do next. 

How to submit your proposal

Send in a 300 word abstract which should include the following

  1. Presentation title, research domain
  2. Introduction: aims and rationale
  3. Background of your research
  4. Research methodologies being used
  5. Details of some findings to date

Research Domains

  1. Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)
  2. Access and widening participation (AWP)
  3. The Digital University and new learning technologies (DU)
  4. Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)
  5. Higher education policy (HEP)
  6. International contexts and perspectives (ICP)
  7. Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)
  8. Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)
  9. Postgraduate scholarship and practice (PGSP)
  10. Student experiences (SE)

Selection process

The selection process will be managed by the SRHE NR convenors and champions. Abstracts will be selected according to the following criteria and successful submissions will be offered feedback for enhancements before the actual event.

Scoring grid:

Webinar dates

Webinars will be programmed from July onwards and they take place between 13.00-14.00 GMT Following acceptance, suitable dates for presentation will be organised by the Society with presenters. Submissions will be grouped by domain with 2 – 3 presentations per webinar. Each presenter will be asked to put together a ‘Lightning Talk’ style presentation (10 minutes and 20 slides). A Question and Answer session of 5 minutes will follow each presentation.


To submit your presentation proposal

Please forward your proposal to by 23 August 2019. We will communicate the outcome of all proposals and soon as possible following this date.


To see the format of the 2018 webinars please go to


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