Research Awards - 2014

The following three proposals were the winners of the 2014 SRHE Research Awards and the final reports from these projects will appear below:

Jim Pugh accepting for Dr. Katy Vigurs   Dr. Richard Watermeyer   Janice Malcolm accepting on behalf of Dr. Joanna Williams
Jim Pugh accepting for
Dr. Katy Vigurs
  Dr. Richard Watermeyer   Janice Malcolm accepting on behalf of Dr. Joanna Williams

Dr Joanna Williams (University of Kent)
Dr David Roberts (University of Kent)

PDF Academic Integrity: Exploring Tensions between Perception and Practice in the Contemporary University

Dr Katy Vigurs (Staffordshire University)
Dr Steven Jones (University of Manchester)
Dr Diane Harris (University of Manchester)

PDF Greater Expectations of Post-Graduation Futures? A Comparative Analysis of the Views of the Last Generation of Lower-Fees Undergraduates with the First Generation of Higher-Fees Undergraduates at Two English Universities
Research-informed Comic Research-informed Comic

A ‘research-informed comic’
based on this study is also available here

Towards a cartography of impact: Analysing the process of ‘impact’ peer-review in the REF by Dr. Richard Watermeyer (University of Surrey) - Report available shortly

The following four proposals were 2014 Scoping Award winners and the final reports from these projects are available below:

Dr Madeleine Laming (Murdoch University, Australia)
Dr Pamela Martin-Lynch (Murdoch University)
Aileen Morris (The University of Lincoln)

PDF Mature-aged men’s experiences of higher education: Australia and England compared

Dr. Alicia Prowse (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Valeria Ruiz Vargas

PDF Potential of the Human Capabilities Approach (HCA) for strategy development in the Higher Education curriculum

Dr. Alex Baratta (University of Manchester)
Dr Paul Smith (University of Manchester)
Dr Lydia Reid (Durham University)

PDF Academic identity and religious identity: cognitive dissonance in students’ higher education learning and assessment

Dr. Cate Gribble (Deakin University, Australia)

PDF Exploring ‘employability’ in different cultural contexts

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