International Research Conference 2021

(Re)connecting, (Re)building: Higher Education in Transformative Times
6 – 10 December 2021


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Start Time
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0051ShuangmiaoHanPolicy Experimentation in China’s Higher Education Reforms and PolicymakingHigher education policy (HEP)Tue12301250
0054HegeHermansenBeyond “implementation”: Enabling sustainable transformation of digital teaching and learning in higher educationDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Wed16001620
0057KhristinFabianHow are we positioning degree apprenticeships? Analysis of advertsTechnical, Professional and Vocational Higher Education (TPV)Tue12301250
0058NilanjanaMoitraTribal Youth in Transition- Higher Education, (Un)-Employment and Social ChangeAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon10151035
0059BenjaminMulveyA 'Pluralist Internationalist' Approach to Global Justice in International Student RecruitmentInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon10151035
0072TomStauntonAn Investigation into University Careers Services Interaction with EdTechDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon15251545
0078VuokkoKohtamäkiUniversity Leaders' Motives for Institutional Autonomy in FinlandManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Thu11001120
0083JenniferLeighThe importance of communities in HE: the example of WISC, the international network for women in supramolecular chemistry and its work to support the retention and progression of women and marginalised genders.Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu900920
0086CassieZhangPanorama of Chinese education recruitment agents (CERAs): A typology of business modelsManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Mon14451505
0087GayleBrewerNot Visible but Exposed: The Lived Experience of Disabled AcademicsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue15001520
0089MarionHeronTalking about talk: tutor and student expectations of oracy skills in higher educationLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri900920
0093MelinaAarnikoivuRules of writing and publishing in the field of higher education research: are there any?Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed13401400
0096KarenGravettBelonging to and beyond the digital university: belonging as situated practiceStudent experiences (SE)Thu9001030
0098MarcoCavallaroInfluence of the academic drift and subject specialisation on the participation of Universities of Applied Sciences in EU research projectsInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri900920
0099HannahOgundipe AkinbodeUnderstanding the Aspirations of Working-Class GirlsHigher education policy (HEP)Thu11001120
0104PauloChalóAre there key competencies for PhD completion? Perceptions of English and Portuguese supervisors.Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri15001520
0108WillyEngelbrechtDoes a pandemic change leadership approaches? Insights from a PHEI during the Covid-19 hard lockdown.Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed900920
0110KatherineEmmsNew Higher Education Institutions: Developing a New University for the 21st Century StudentEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Mon12151235
0111BrendaVan WykScholarship production through online group supervision: affordances and challengesPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Tue17401800
0113LindaMartindaleLeadership, complexity and emotional labour: a collaborative ethnographic study of adaptive and enabling leadership during COVID-19Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Fri15001520
0116AchalaGuptaHigher education students as people in transition? Evidence from a six-nation European comparative studyInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed16001730
0117EllaTaylor-SmithDegree Apprentices’ Lockdown Survey: Reflections on working and studying from homeStudent experiences (SE)Tue12501310
0118JamesWillisResponding to a Pandemic: Using Instructor Experiences to Transform the Next Decade of Teaching and LearningLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon14451505
0121YanShenWhat’s in and What’s out? A Study of Student Choice of Learning Activities in a Flipped EFL ClassroomStudent experiences (SE)Thu11001120
0123MarkSkopecData and Decolonising the Higher Education CurriculumAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue12301250
0128YvetteWhartonTeam and Group Work: A Student Perspective of Assessment and Management.Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri11001120
0130MarciaDevlinNavigating sexism in the academyManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Thu920940
0133JihyunLeeWhy Universities Matter: Understanding the International Student Experience in the UKStudent experiences (SE)Tue15001520
0134CarolTaylorPedagogies of Mattering: Rethinking Relational Pedagogies in Higher EducationLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri15001520
0137LouiseTaylor BunceChallenging students’ identities as consumers and supporting their identities as learners: successful evaluation of a teaching workshopAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu11001120
0138LauraRoperHybridity in Higher Education: Positive Transformation?Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon15051525
0139LouiseTaylor BunceWorking towards anti-racist practice by understanding the experiences of Black and minority ethnic students.Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue12501310
0142VickiTrowlerEngaging with the Remote University: What Teaching and Learning in Lockdown teaches us about Student Engagement in Higher EducationLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon15251545
0149RachelBrooksConceptualising students as stressed and anxiousInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed16001730
0152JoanneHillStudent Journeys: academic identity among commuting students before and during the COVID-19 pandemicStudent experiences (SE)Tue15001520
0153JodiePinnellDigital Tools, Pastoral Support and Covid-19: A Match Made in A Global Pandemic?Student experiences (SE)Fri900920
0154BowenZhangOutsiders on the inside?: Constructing Chinese academic staffs’ experiences in an international joint universityAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon10151035
0155AndreaLaneSame Same, but Different: The Biographical Profile of Entrepreneurship Educators in Higher EducationTechnical, Professional and Vocational Higher Education (TPV)Wed13001320
0156XingXuA qualitative investigation into Chinese international doctoral students’ navigation of a disrupted study trajectory during COVID-19Student experiences (SE)Wed900920
0157XinZhaoSupporting online personal tutoring with an innovative approach to foster student belongingDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Thu15201540
0158SteffenJaksztatExplaining Employment Sector Choices among Doctoral Graduates in GermanyAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Fri15001520
0159MinniMatikainenTransformative learning in teacher educationLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri900920
0160AlanaJamesRemote Research Bootcamps for Preproposal and Post Data Early Career ResearchersDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon10151035
0161EmiliaKmiotek-MeierWhat to Offer in Career Service Trainings? Competencies and Skills Needed on (German) Labour Market for GraduatesEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Tue15001520
0163RilleRaaper‘Hack my support networks’ app: Enhancing student support provision in higher educationStudent experiences (SE)Thu15001520
0164MagdaPischetolaTheorising a critical relational pedagogy for the future universityDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon12151235
0165RilleRaaperStudent support as social network: Exploring non-traditional student experiences of academic and wellbeing support during the Covid-19 pandemicStudent experiences (SE)Fri15001520
0167RachelBrooksThe European Universities Initiative: understandings of policy actorsInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon14451615
0169AmandaNuttallReconnaissance as a pre-requisite to (re)thinking and (re)imagining educational researchPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri15201540
0170HelenHigsonHow can coaching and mentoring help HE staff to maximise their performance?Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue15201540
0175Mi YoungAhnDiversifying curricula: how are racial minorities represented in lecture slides?Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon12151235
0177KathrynTelling“I mean I didn’t come to uni and into 60k of debt not to be challenged”: hard work, opportunity and student ‘consumerism’Student experiences (SE)Thu11201140
0180MaddieBreezeInterruptions in Higher Education: Queer Feminist Career CaresAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon12151235
0181JuliaEverittHow doctoral supervisors and candidates clarify expectations during doctoral educationPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Mon12151235
0183Marie-PierreMoreauMaking Connections, Going Places? Equity and privilege in access to academic positionsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Fri15001520
0184EmmaMedlandPrecedents to feedback literacy: Uncoupling feedback from assessment using an evidence-based approach to reflect on and validate the Feedback Talk FrameworkLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Wed900920
0185AlisonWheatonAn exploratory study of English university governing body rolesManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Fri15201540
0191SangwooLeeDoes college level the playing field? Impacts of spatial inequalities on the gap in the earnings of similar graduatesHigher education policy (HEP)Thu15001520
0193HelenHooperCulture shock and the gendered teaching experiences of new academics.Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue15001520
0201DanielleThibodeauWhere is the learner in your analytics?Digital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon12351255
0202RosaMarvell‘I know I have some trauma responses, but it’s not my identity’: Complicating the ‘master status’ of care experience and estrangement for students in English higher educationStudent experiences (SE)Wed13001320
0207DariaLuchinskayaBeyond individuals’ employment outcomes: wellbeing and career clarity insights from UK graduates’ higher education journeys.Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Fri11001120
0208Arianede GayardonGraduates’ Perspectives on the Student Loan System in EnglandHigher education policy (HEP)Thu15201540
0209VasilikiPapageorgiouDesigning together: The role of collaborative and multidisciplinary teams in designing for online learningAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Fri15201540
0210YanruXuCultivating innovative talents through the research-teaching-study nexus in Chinese higher education: A gear system and a tree modelHigher education policy (HEP)Mon10351055
0218LouiseDrummRadically reconfigured or just broken? How emergency online teaching has altered staff and students' identities, wellbeing and conceptions of learning and teachingDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon15051525
0220PaolaEirasStudents’ perceptions of internationalisation of three master of science (MSc) programmes at a Danish universityInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Thu15001520
0221NirvedKumarMeasuring management student's experiences: Exploring Indian Management College Climate ScaleStudent experiences (SE)Wed13201340
0223JenniferHillCan Relational Feed-Forward Enhance Students’ Affective Responses to Assessment?Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Wed920940
0224Ai TamLeAcademic work from the perspectives of aspiring academics: an exploratory study of doctoral candidates from four disciplines in AustraliaAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu15001520
0225OliviaGrovesSupporting participation in higher-education equity research through the visual mapping methodTechnical, Professional and Vocational Higher Education (TPV)Wed13001320
0229KathrynaKwokThe Difference Index: A Novel Quantitative Measure of Module Mark Differences Between Student GroupsManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Mon12351255
0230HiroyukiIdaSupporting engagement in English language learning during COVID-19 using paper-based textbooks—A case study of Japanese universitiesDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon10351055
0231AnnetteBambergerInternationalization, national integration and ‘troublesome’ minorities: Higher education policies towards Hong Kong and East JerusalemHigher education policy (HEP)Fri900920
0235TamsinHinton-SmithMethodological reflections from an interdisciplinary, international collaborative research project on teaching and learning in higher education: Experiences, challenges and opportunities for a feminist research teamInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri15001520
0236AntoninCharretEuropean Universities: Building the future of higher education in the European Union through university alliancesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon14151615
0240FrancescaSgobbiGraduates in graduate jobs? A comparison between younger and older graduates from higher education in PortugalEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Wed16001730
0243MonaSakrDigital Critical Pedagogies: Five Emergent ThemesDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon12551315
0244RuthSquireRoom at the top? How the third sector do (and don’t) get involved in widening participation policy.Higher education policy (HEP)Wed900920
0246JenniferGoodmanHackathons for Sustainable Development in Higher Education: A New Tool but for What Purpose?Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu15001520
0250KathrynWaddingtonDeveloping Compassionate Pedagogical Practice with Students as Co-ResearchersStudent experiences (SE)Fri15201540
0253NataliyaRumyantsevaAcademics in England responding to digital change pre and during the pandemic: the case of lecture capture policiesDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Tue12301250
0258SarahO'SheaConsidering the impact of ‘entitlement’ and ‘belonging’ on student persistence within the pandemic universityStudent experiences (SE)Thu9001030
0259RolaAjjawiFirst year students’ longing and belonging during the pandemicStudent experiences (SE)Thu9001000
0261GraceIdahosaMid-Level Managers Agency for Transformation in Higher Education: A case study of South Africa and Northern IrelandInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Tue15001520
0262SophiePickfordDeconstruct to Reconstruct? Decolonization and History of Art Teaching PracticesLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu11001120
0263GonçaloLeite-VelhoReform and consequences: Financial Changes in Portuguese Universities 2007-2020International contexts and perspectives (ICP)Tue17401800
0265NaomiClementsThe Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Practitioner reflection in supporting the robust evaluation of strategically funded outreach programmesHigher education policy (HEP)Tue17001720
0268SazanaJayadevaEnthusiastic learners or instrumental customers? Constructions of students across six European countriesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed16001730
0269WilliamLockeCould ‘Trust’ be the New Indicator for Knowledge Exchange Activities and Strategies?Higher education policy (HEP)Wed9401000
0270AnuLainioConstructions of higher education students as threat and object of criticisms across six European countriesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed16001730
0273DylanWilliamsSouth Korean University Students’ Perceptions of English-medium Instruction PolicyHigher education policy (HEP)Fri920940
0274MargaretKadiriAssessing the use of immersive virtual reality in the Higher Education classroom to enhance learner engagementDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Tue12301250
0275KateCarruthers ThomasDiaries of a Pandemic: reading and revisualising the spatial. Implications for gender equality in academia.Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue15201540
0277LeeRensimerBetween Being and Becoming European Universities: Tensions and Challenges at the Midway PointInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon14151615
0278Maria-LigiaBarbosaInstitutional Reactions to Pandemic in Brazilian Higher EducationHigher education policy (HEP)Tue17001720
0283JonathanParkerUndergraduate Research and Equality of Opportunity: Obstacles To Success in Research ProjectsLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Wed13001320
0285Hanne KirstineAdriansenProblematising English as lingua franca in higher education internationalisationInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Thu15201540
0286JonathanTangApplying a practice sensibility to developing a teacher learning innovation: a meso-level perspectiveManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Mon10151035
0288RosemaryDeem(How) will Covid 19 change doctoral education ? A critical appraisalPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Thu15001630
0289VerónicaGarcía-CastroExploring the relationship between foreign language anxiety and students’ online engagement at UK universities during the Covid-19 pandemicDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon10551115
0291JamesWoodPositioning Screencast Feedback for Uptake: The Benefits of Dialogic Screencasting for Understanding, Agency, and Motivation to Use FeedbackLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Wed9401000
0293TrineFosslandAffordances in online professional development of doctoral supervisors: a case study of a multi-campus, large-scale, cross-disciplinary course .Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu15201540
0294JamesWoodEnhancing the Peer Feedback Uptake Process using Dialogic Screencasts: Enhanced Quality, Criticality and Emotional Support During Forced Online TeachingLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu11201140
0295CamilleKandiko HowsonRaising the Prestige of Educational Expertise: Research-Intensive Curriculum ChangeAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon10351055
0296AnnaPanovaDoes Universities’ Intensified Research Orientation Mean Restructuring the Governance Model? The Faculty Perspective in the Case of RussiaManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed920940
0300Yoke SimFongFollowing the Sun from China to Singapore: A Chinese student’s journey from EFL to ESLLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu11001120
0301AnnaWilsonAssembling an ed-tech imaginary: telling data stories about Higher Education after surveillanceDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Tue12501310
0302SylvieLomerCash cows or pedagogic partners? Mapping pedagogic practices for and with international studentsLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu11201140
0303MaziaYassimGetting Noticed: Enhancing Employability of Postgraduate StudentsEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Tue17001720
0304LiezelFrickRemaining hopeful: Re-imagining doctoral education in a global spacePostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Thu15001630
0310VincentCarpentierInternationalisation and the contested spaces of the public good in French universitiesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed13001320
0311AlisonJamesPlaying in a Pandemic: lessons for higher education teaching and researchLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon12151235
0312SorenBengtsenWhat is the Meaning of Societal Impact? A discussion of the future sustainability of the PhDPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Thu15001630
0313ClairePikeHigher Education learning experiences pre-, peri- and post-Covid-19: what will evolve, and what will survive?Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Wed13201340
0316JeffreyGrimWhat Could Be: A Phenomenological Examination of Faculty of Color Leader Identity DevelopmentAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue13101330
0318JamesBurfordExploring Care-full doctoral subjectivities: The experience of the doctoral-student-mother in doctoral educationAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu9001030
0324BenSymonEarly career academics’ teaching intentions and practices during a worldwide disruption: initial findings from a longitudinal studyAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Fri920940
0328CarolinaGuzman-ValenzuelaThinking from the borders: colonialism and Latin American universitiesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed16001730
0329ElisaBoneDisruption as a catalyst for change? Effects of COVID-19 on the perceptions and approaches of academics in their teachingLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon14451505
0330LindaVogtEmergency remote teaching and emergency remote studying – results of a qualitative studyStudent experiences (SE)Fri920940
0334BrianIrvineA framework for Specialist (Autism) Mentoring in UK HEPsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue15201540
0335EmilyHenderson“It’s not only me doing things for me”: Conference participation for doctoral students with caring responsibilitiesAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu9001030
0336LindaVogtConditions for success in the digital transformation of university teachingDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon10151035
0340AnnaBullExamining institutional responses to sexual misconduct: Higher education after #MeTooHigher education policy (HEP)Thu9401000
0341QilyuHongReassessing the “Meritocratic Power” of Higher Education in Intergenerational Mobility in ChinaHigher education policy (HEP)Mon15051525
0345VivienFindeisenDefining Knowledge and Technology Transfer between Subsystems of the Innovation System – Results of an Empirical Study beyond the Universities’ perspectiveManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Tue15001520
0346AnaGodonogaSocial responsibility practices in business schools: A longitudinal analysis of PRME reportsInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Thu15001520
0350SusanHarris-HuemmertUniversity Leaders in Germany: towards greater professionalism and the professionalisation of others?Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed16001730
0354AnesaHoseinDoctoral students navigating the borderlands of academic teaching in an era of precarityPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri11001230
0355ManuelMadriagaPursuing decolonial desires: university outreach and spreading the ‘good news’ of higher educationHigher education policy (HEP)Tue17201740
0360CarliRowell“No words, just two letters ‘Dr’”: Working-class early career researcher’s reflections on the transition to and through a social-sciences PhD and into academia.Student experiences (SE)Thu11201140
0361VeldaMcCuneAcademic Identities and Wicked Problems: Beyond Discipline-focused Identities?Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed16001730
0362LingXiaoCompetencies in business and sustainability: a transformative approach using a real-life teaching caseLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu15201540
0363AdamGrimmAffect, methodological nationalism and global HEInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed16001730
0364StephanieMastaClassroom Counterspaces: Centering Brown and Black Students in Doctoral EducationPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri11001230
0365AnnaGerchenManaging Professorial Appointment Procedures: Increasing Professionalism and New Specialists at German UniversitiesManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed16001730
0368ValeriaCotronei-BairdInvestigating a typology for identifying strategies to integrate employability skills development in teaching and assessment practiceLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri920940
0369SusiPoliResearch management staff towards greater professionalism: associations, training opportunities and qualificationsManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed16001730
0370SusanWebb(Re)building higher education in an ‘age for everyone’Technical, Professional and Vocational Higher Education (TPV)Wed920940
0372SophiaStavrouUnderstanding old and new inequalities in graduate employment: bridging Bernstein and BourdieuEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Fri11201140
0374Tom FarrellyFarrellyWhat the doctors did next?Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Fri15201540
0375JürgenEndersThe rise and work of new professionals in higher educationManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed16001730
0377KateHoskinsTalent spotting, political projects and finding affinities: precarious transitions into academiaPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Tue17001720
0378MortenHansenUniversities and unicorns: how are (education) technology companies making digital data valuableHigher education policy (HEP)Thu9001030
0380KarenGravettRe-imagining doctoral pedagogies and temporal practices in higher educationPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri11001230
0382RuthSquireWho widens participation?Higher education policy (HEP)Tue17401800
0385JanjaKomljenovicUniversities and unicorns: mapping financial investment flows in higher education technologyHigher education policy (HEP)Thu9001030
0386KseniaRozhkovaNon-cognitive Skills and Educational Choices in Higher EducationHigher education policy (HEP)Thu11001120
0390AndreaCameronPreserving healthcare student wellbeing – what do we need to know to retain themStudent experiences (SE)Mon10151035
0396XinXuInternational Faculty in Chinese Higher Education: Characteristics and PositionalityAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon10551115
0398LauraBennettMaking the Language of Assessment Inclusive – Reflections on Staff-Student PartnershipsLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri11001230
0400MohammedTamimiA Holistic Approach to E-learning in the Palestinian Higher Education SectorDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon10351055
0404AndrewJoyce-GibbonsDesirable non-teachable attributes for a successful teaching career in Peru: How to identify these in recruitment and selection to undergraduate coursesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Thu11201140
0406DinaBelluigiRevelations about the intersectional struggles for academic freedom within Indian UniversitiesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri11001230
0407Nandita BanerjeeDhawanThe Academic and Political Project of Women’s Studies: (Im)Possibilities of Transformation in Higher EducationInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri11001230
0408SamsonMaekele TsegaInternationalization of higher education and student mobility: Access, widening participation and (mis)recognitionInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon10351055
0412StephenDarwinCan one size fit all: analysing the impact of regionalised global rankings on Latin American higher educationInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon10551115
0418SameerModyCross-cultural adaptation in blended learning environment in UK HEIsInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Thu15401600
0419MadhuparnaKarmakar‘Dreams’ and ‘Struggles’ of Female Dalit Students in Indian Public Universities.Student experiences (SE)Mon10351055
0421SusanCarterBorderland theory: How would you apply this to doctoral education?Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri11001120
0422TessHowesAustralian universities and the government problem: could reconnecting with students be a way forward?Higher education policy (HEP)Wed9401000
0426IroKonstantinouUnderstanding the experience of mature students completing a degree apprenticeshipStudent experiences (SE)Tue13101330
0427HannahBartlettGoing beyond the difficult conversation in decolonising pedagogyLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu11201140
0428MatthewBunnClass at the friction point - exploring class theory in a transforming higher education landscapeStudent experiences (SE)Wed9001000
0430EmiliaKmiotek-MeierThe Things We (Might) Lose. Content and Context of Digital Teaching in Times of Covid-19Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Tue12501310
0432HarryRolfNavigating power in doctoral educationPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri9001030
0434BonnieSladeGender and STEM in HE and Employment: Experiences from RwandaInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon14151615
0435TainaSaarinenApproaching ”Meaningful” Internationalisation. Unpacking policies and practises of internationalisation in Denmark, Finland, and GermanyInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed13201340
0437RhyallGordonThe Situated Evaluation: Subverting and (Re)building MethodsStudent experiences (SE)Wed9001030
0438Penny JaneBurkeReimagining gender equity through exploring the impact of gender-based violence on higher education access and participationStudent experiences (SE)Wed9001030
0440KritiDagarInnovative Internationalization: Exploring the (Re)modelled spaces in DubaiInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri11001120
0442HarryWestSeparated by a Common Language of Assessment? Undertaking a Linguistic Analysis of Assessment DocumentationLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri11001230
0444SueCronshawMothers undertaking part-time Doctoral study: Experiences and ImplicationsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu9001030
0445BonnieSladeRemote interviewing and creative methods in the Gendered Journeys project: building bridges over ZoomInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon14151615
0446Penny JaneBurke(Re)connecting with the purpose of higher education: Transformation through social justiceStudent experiences (SE)Thu9001030
0447MattLumbEmployability and the Possibility Paradox in Australian Higher EducationStudent experiences (SE)Thu9001030
0448VitusPüttmannAcademics’ Attitudes to Engaging in Public Discussions – Experimental Evidence on the Influence of Changing ConditionsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed13001320
0449JamesWoodThe Pivotal Roles Of Communication, Interaction and Connection in Positive Experiences of Emergency Remote Teaching: Implications for Ongoing TeachingStudent experiences (SE)Fri9401000
0451SarahCrookStudent mental health: the view from historyStudent experiences (SE)Thu9001030
0452KateCarruthers ThomasPicturing the pandemic in higher education: A conversation.Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue17001720
0453AdamTateFrom PGCAP to PGCLTHE: Transition to a new course during times of uncertainty in a pandemicAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon10551115
0454AnnaMountford-ZimdarsThe Power and habitus of Professors and Professionals: Using the theory of professions and systems theory for identifying intervention points for change to Elite Universities’ admissions processesManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed13201340
0457SarahMontanoWhat use is authenticity if students do not understand the skills gained?Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Mon14451505
0458RafiRashidReforming a STEM Doctoral Curriculum to Promote Interdisciplinary Border-CrossingPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri9001030
0461RoseMurrayStudent and staff perspectives of open-book versus closed-book assessments – a case study from an undergraduate biology courseLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri11201140
0463NeilHarrisonEnabling care-experienced students to thrive in higher education using the capabilities approachStudent experiences (SE)Wed13201340
0466SamSellarUniversities and Unicorns: Investigating the Digital Transformation of Higher Education in the UKHigher education policy (HEP)Thu9001030
0467Mi YoungAhnUnderstanding inequality in higher education by applying the data linkage method to measure disadvantageStudent experiences (SE)Fri900920
0468JayneDennis(Re-)evaluating teaching practices in post-coronial higher education – what do students want?Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri920940
0469LaurenStentifordProblematizing inclusion: A critical exploration of inclusion policies of elite UK universitiesHigher education policy (HEP)Wed900920
0472JeanParkerStructural adjustment in the face of the COVID-19 shock: fault lines in Australian higher education.Student experiences (SE)Thu9001030
0473NirvedKumarCross-border expansion and the production of public outcomes of universitiesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri11201140
0474KatjaJonsasThe Missing Link between the Realms of HE and Work? Conceptualisations of Knowledge Exchange in Educational CollaborationEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Tue15201540
0475MollieBakerThe care-full obfuscations of UK doctoral studentsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu9001030
0479HimaniSharmaIntegrated Micro-credential Ecosystem in Higher Education for Enhancing Employability: A Multi Stakeholders’ PerspectiveTechnical, Professional and Vocational Higher Education (TPV)Wed16201640
0480ChrisKubiakWhat are the support needs of students with caring responsibilities?Student experiences (SE)Mon12551315
0481MarvinRollerWhat drives agility in higher education institutions?Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Thu11201140
0483LizzieKnightLessons to learn from 15 years of Access AgreementsHigher education policy (HEP)Wed920940
0484AngelaBrewHow is COVID-19 changing research in the disciplines? The views of undergraduate researchersStudent experiences (SE)Fri920940
0485HannaYakavenka(Re)connecting The Fashion Management Curriculum At A UK Business School: Steps To Implementing A Culturally Relevant FrameworkInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Thu15201540
0486LauraBennettMaking the Language of Assessment Inclusive – Introduction to the Project and LiteratureLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri11001230
0487CathyMinett-SmithMaking the Language of Assessment Inclusive: Assessing students’ familiarity and confidence with assessment terminology.Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri11001230
0488NalitaJamesNew Pedgaogic Spaces for Mature Students in Higher a Post Pandemic EraHigher education policy (HEP)Wed9401000
0489CharlotteMorrisReinvigorating the gender agenda in higher education curricula: Problematics and possibilities for gender work in the contemporary UK contextLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Tue15401600
0494HegeHermansenEnacting leadership: Unpacking the work of study program leaders in teacher educationManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Fri15401600
0496RebekahSmith McGloinChanges in structure, strategy, culture and organisation in UK doctoral educationManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Thu15401600
0497NataliePeachBuilding employability into programme design: industry, academic, and student collaboration on programme designEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Mon15051525
0498RowenaMurrayAcademic writing during a pandemic: Using the Writing Meeting to develop self-efficacyAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed13001320
0499SanjaDjerasimovicProsperity and precariousness, liminality and growth: post-graduate researchers’ wellbeing from a social identity perspectiveStudent experiences (SE)Tue17201740
0500PeterKahnFostering sustainable development through organizational institutionalism: a role for higher education?Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Mon12351255
0501DigbyWarrenEducation for Social Justice: piloting inclusive curriculum redesign to enable fair outcomes and promote social changeLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon12351255
0502KatjaJonsas“I just need exposure”: Understanding the benefits of knowledge exchange for business undergraduates, academics, and industry partnersEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Tue17201740
0505BarbaraReadTransitional troubles: Gendered Dynamics of postgraduate students with STEM backgrounds entering into elite institutions, and moving into a precarious employment landscape in India and the UKInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Mon14151615
0506TracyScurryAn empirical exploration of the judgement and evaluation of resilience of job seekers in the graduate labour marketEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Mon12551315
0508MonikaPazioFeedback [hi]stories: exploring the role of linguistics and culture in feedback through digital storytellingLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu11401200
0509DaveThomasReimagining Curricula: Effects of Cultural (In)Sensitivity of Curricula on Minority Ethnic Students’ EngagementLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu11401200
0510AlejandroLuyLessons from Beyond HE: Exploring Sense of Belonging to Redefine Inclusive ExcellenceAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Fri15201540
0512BarbaraAdewumiUnequal uncertainties-the differential impact of the Coronavirus lockdown on high-potential BAME students at a UK universityStudent experiences (SE)Mon12551315
0513Alison ElizabethJeffersonDoctoral socialization in time of pandemic: reproduction of inequality in the new social field.Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Tue17001720
0514AngelaLawrenceAcademic identities revealed? Reflections on participant-selected artefacts presented within a narrative inquiry research methodologyAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue17201740
0515AlanDonnellyEvaluating the impact of higher education funding aimed to address student hardshipHigher education policy (HEP)Fri11001230
0516Andrew MCoxTelling stories about Artificial Intelligence and robots in Higher EducationDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Tue13101330
0517KimHolflodWhat is Playful Learning? Examining Playful Voices across Boundaries in Higher Education PedagogyLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon12351255
0518DangeniDangeniTravelling the River: Chinese International Students' Engagement at UK UniversitiesStudent experiences (SE)Wed920940
0519SianVaughanLearning from practice: maintaining practice-based doctoral research remotelyPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Tue17201740
0524KatherineFriendExperiential learning in the pandemic: lessons learned from alternative placements in EducationEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Thu900920
0527EdwardBickleThe Lived Experience of Learning Development Practitioners: Being, Thinking, Doing, and ReflectingLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon10351055
0528Nandita BanerjeeDhawanFuture trajectories for (Im)possible Imaginaries of Higher Education in India and South AfricaInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri11001230
0529AfsaneRamezaniThe Effects and Implications of Neo-Nationalism in UK Higher Education PolicyHigher education policy (HEP)Fri9401000
0530AndyCoverdalePositioning and sustaining accessibility expertise and teaching in the Computer Sciences and the digital universityAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue15401600
0533GraceIdahosaThe Question of Agency Within the Normative Assumptions Inherent to the SDGs: Insights from South African and Indian Academics in Higher Education LeadershipInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri11001230
0534AndreaCameronProgressing pedagogic research – an institutional case studyAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue17001720
0536RebekahSmith McGloinA new mobilities approach to re-examining the doctoral journey: mobility and fixity in the borderlands spacePostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri11001230
0537WEIZHANGEstablishing World Class Universities in China: the Effects of Research Assessment Policies on the Academic Publishing LandscapeHigher education policy (HEP)Tue12501310
0539InesLangemeyerInsights on research-driven teaching and learningLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon10551115
0540AmardeepKumarReframing idea of justice in Indian higher educationHigher education policy (HEP)Wed13401400
0541KayGuccione‘I never thought of this work as supervision, but it definitely is!’ Becoming aware of supervision work as an early career researcher.Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Mon12351255
0542DilraboJonbekovaInternational Education Scholarships: Pathways to Social ChangeInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Tue12301250
0543RachelSpaceyGreat expectations: idealism and realism in access and participation evaluationHigher education policy (HEP)Fri11001230
0544BethCrossDisrupting Zoom Space: Lessons on Supporting Post Graduate Research Students’ Mental Health through Covid Lockdown from SGSSS Homestretch programme.Student experiences (SE)Thu15401600
0545NaomiBraithwaiteIf Shoes Could Talk….How a Student Led Research Project Generated Collaboration, Peer Learning and the Co-creation of KnowledgeDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Fri15401600
0546KatherineFriendInternational collaborative exchange project: stories from first-year university students during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemicInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Fri15201540
0548ViraiyanTeeroovengadumMitigating the Impact of Stressful Life Experiences on Study Burnout from a C-O-R Perspective: Lessons Gained from the COVID-19 PandemicStudent experiences (SE)Tue17201740
0550JulianCrockford“It’s like laying bricks on lava”: The impact of Covid-19 on student academic experience of creative degreesStudent experiences (SE)Fri9401000
0551DominiqueBeyleveldOnline blended learning in South African legal education: An evaluation of how this pedagogical model may best be used in educating the legal practitioner of the future.Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Tue13101330
0554TaniaStruetzelWearing many hats - the experience of the Graduate Teaching Demonstrators at the University of GreenwichStudent experiences (SE)Fri9401000
0555JonathanParkerEvaluating Quantitative Skills Training in the Social SciencesLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri9401000
0556JoclarisseAlbiaConstructions of Academic Citizenship: Views of UK and Philippine AcademicsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed13201340
0557Kathleen MQuinlanPursuing What They Want: How Students’ Hopes for Their Learning Experience Affect Their Engagement BehavioursStudent experiences (SE)Fri9401000
0558IainCrossTeaching (super) wicked problems: climate change in the higher education curriculumAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed16001730
0559AfsaneRamezaniAdopting the Academic Capitalism Approach in Non-Neoliberal Background: Iran as a case studyHigher education policy (HEP)Wed900920
0560Cristina HelenaAlmeida de CarvalhoGROWTH AND TRENDS IN FOR PROFIT BRAZILIAN HIGHER EDUCATION AND THE EFFECTS OF COVID-19Higher education policy (HEP)Wed920940
0563DelyElliotWhy is there a need for a ‘doctoral compass’? A metacognitive scaffolding for navigating doctoral progressionPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Fri15401600
0564DejanLjubojevicThe Realpedagogik – linking Learning Design research with Learning Design practiceLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Wed16401700
0565Gerda J.Visser-WijnveenA comparative study of external Quality Assurance systems in the Caribbean RegionInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Tue17201740
0566ElielCohenDecolonization and Sustainability Rationales in ‘STEM’ HE Curricula: A Critical Realist Research Agenda for the ‘Curriculum-as-Lived’Student experiences (SE)Mon12551315
0567EvgeniaLikhovtsevaRegional Universities: A new Normality of Higher Education ?International contexts and perspectives (ICP)Wed16001730
0569FenellaSomervilleEmployability For What And For Whom?Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Tue17401800
0570MarionWaiteWho cares? Opportunities and challenges posed by agile working practices for carers in transformative times.Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Mon12351255
0572RuiHeBeyond ‘Study’ Abroad: Remapping the “Exosystem” in International Education and a Comparison between Chinese and British Foreign Language LearnersStudent experiences (SE)Tue15201540
0576NatashaRobinsonScholarships, Chinese Diplomatic Imagineering and African Higher EducationInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Tue12501310
0577ElielCohenStudents' sense of belonging and communityStudent experiences (SE)Tue15401600
0578LauraBarnettMaking space for fun in higher education learning and teaching: (re)connecting educators and leaners?Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon12551315
0582LeeFallinReading the Academic Library: an exploration of the conceived, perceived and lived spaces of the Brynmor Jones Library at the University of HullStudent experiences (SE)Tue15201540
0585TugayDurakA Comparative Analysis of Turkish and Chilean Students’ Motivations to Participate in a State-Scholarship ProgrammeInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP)Tue13101330
0587MariaAllenHow Students’ Self-Perception Impacts on Themes of Graduate EmployabilityEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Fri11401200
0588RuiHeMobility in ‘immobility’: Re-imagination of Prospective Chinese Students’ International Education Mobility during the Covid-19 PandemicStudent experiences (SE)Wed9401000
0589MarkJohnsonUncertainty, Collegial Organisation and the Collective Competencies of DigitalizationDigital University and new learning technologies (DU)Mon10551115
0598CeciliaAlmlövEntanglement: New Co-Supervisors’ Emotional Support in Doctoral SupervisionPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Mon12551315
0603NoraTimmermanScholars in the Streets: Portraits of Disruptive Faculty Activism in 20th Century Social MovementsAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed13401400
0606MarianMayerNovel methodological approaches: ‘messy methods’ in education research.Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Fri15401600
0607LizAusten“Don’t’ you, forget about P”(articipation): Reflecting on APP evaluation practices specific to student success initiativesHigher education policy (HEP)Fri11001230
0611StephAllenAcademic Integrity: Campaigning Now and BeyondAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Tue12501310
0613JavierMármol QueraltóUniversities and ‘Unicorns’: A critical analysis of investors’ discourse of the rise of Educational Technologies within the COVID-19 pandemic contextHigher education policy (HEP)Thu9001030
0615NatalieForsterExploring representations of Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, Showmen and Bargee Communities in widening participation discourseStudent experiences (SE)Wed9401000
0617LoryBarileUnderstanding Engagement and Online Peer Assisted Learning with ForumsStudent experiences (SE)Thu11401200
0622KateWicklowFirst in family perceptions of value for money in a marketised HE system. An English perspective.Higher education policy (HEP)Thu15401600
0623OrlaghMcCabeDoes a block teaching curriculum structure enable an agile response to emergencies?Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Mon15251545
0624Naomide la TourLearning from Crisis and (Re)Imagining Our Post-Pandemic University: Insights from a University of Warwick Enquiry ProjectLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu15401600
0625LisaLucasGetting to university: experiences of students from rural areas in South AfricaStudent experiences (SE)Mon14151615
0628LindseyRunellThe collateral impact of post-prison supervision on college experiences in the United StatesHigher education policy (HEP)Mon14151615
0629NeilHarrisonMarginalisation in higher education: proposing a new conceptual modelStudent experiences (SE)Mon14151615
0631TrudiCooperStudent retention and the pandemic: some preliminary analysisLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Thu9401000
0632PedroVideiraYoung graduates' unemployment and active labour market policies in Southern European countriesEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Wed16001730
0633MarianMayerChallenges and solutions to combatting predatory essay mills: supporting student academic integrity in UK higher educationStudent experiences (SE)Tue12301250
0635JacquelinePriego-Hernández‘More than just saving the government care costs’: re-presenting student carers’ narratives in the UKStudent experiences (SE)Mon14151615
0637GiulioPedriniAnalysing the Gap Between Job Satisfaction and Perceived Career Perspectives Among Young Graduates During and After the Great Recession: Evidence from ItalyEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Tue15201540
0638SandraAckerJournal Editing: A Collapsing House of Cards?Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed13201340
0640NathanielPickeringRe(connecting) career progression initiatives with impact through the implementation of theories of changeHigher education policy (HEP)Fri11001230
0642LaurenClarkCreating a Supportive Research Culture in the Disconnected University through Peer MentoringAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Fri15401600
0645HelenKirby-Hawkins#9K4WHAT? The voice of the actively disengagedStudent experiences (SE)Thu11401200
0646DariaLuchinskayaAnalysing the rows: Investigating different approaches to agency among the ‘Class of 2020’ graduatesEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Thu920940
0650KarenCleggThe UK Research Supervision Survey: who, what, how and why?Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice (PGSP)Wed16201640
0657KARENJONESAcademic Career Breaks in the Neoliberal Academy: Postdoctoral Researchers as Neoliberal Subjects, Identity Work and Existential AngstEmployability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)Tue17401800
P0085JohnLeanRise at Manchester Met: An Open World Landscape in Higher EducationPosterTue9001030
P0143TeneishaEllisStudying Abroad During a PandemicPosterTue9001030
P0219SatoshiOzekiWhat Areas of Medical School Education do Graduates Consider Important? Findings from an Alumni SurveyPosterTue9001030
P0242Teri-LisaGriffithsChanging Spaces: sociomateriality and learning spaces during the Covid-19 pandemic.PosterTue9001030
P0338JakeHilliardThe impact of COVID-19 and distance learning on undergraduate students’ resilience and psycho-social wellbeing: A three-stage study to explore, implement, and evaluate effective strategies to build student communityPosterTue9001030
P0344SadiyoOsmanNavigating Academia as Black Muslim women: The experiences of Black Muslim students at the University of LeicesterPosterTue9001030
P0359FoluAjiboyeConception of teaching and teaching approach in architectural education: perspectives of Architecture lecturers in NigeriaPosterTue9001030
P0366RoseLeightonLecturers’ curational behaviour: selecting, structuring, and presenting resourcesPosterTue9001030
P0425PallaviChhabraRe-flexivity to balance the personal and professional roles as a doctoral student-motherPosterTue9001030
P0462KateMawsonDoes membership of an institution-based peer led writing group with online support engender an effective community of practice for academic writing?PosterTue9001030
P0493HeatherBraniganExploring the Experiences of Articulation Students' Transition to UniversityPosterTue9001030
P0586ZuwenaAdelaarImpact of University Teaching Qualification Program on Teaching Competence and Teaching PracticePosterTue9001030
P0643PatriciaCastellanoTeaching and learning practice and the retention of disabled students in Scottish higher educationPosterTue9001030
S0076KieranBallooStudent Mental HealthStudent Access and Experience (SAE)Thu9001000
S0115RachelBrooksConstructing the Higher Education Student: Perspectives from across EuropeInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP).Wed16001700
S0146JamesBurfordCare-full lives: Exploring the experiences of doctoral student carersAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Thu9001000
S0151RachelBrooksThe European Universities Initiative: reconfiguring the European HE space?International contexts and perspectives (ICP).Mon14451505
S0171HannahMoscovitzImagining the New Geopolitics of International Higher EducationInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP).Wed16001700
S0195AlinaCongreveWicked problems - a higher education perspectiveAcademic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)Wed16001700
S0217FátimaSulemanHigher Education and Employability: Graduates’ Labour Market in Southern European CountriesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP).Wed16001700
S0254MartinGoughRebuilding the (Post-Pandemic) Doctorate, opportunities for revitalisation of theory and practicePostgraduate scholarship and practice (PGSP).Thu15001520
S0256RolaAjjawiBelonging to and beyond higher education in transformative timesStudent Access and Experience (SAE)Thu9001000
S0317KarenSmithDoctoral borderlands: A guided tourPostgraduate scholarship and practice (PGSP).Fri9001000
S0347SusanHarris-HuemmertAre we becoming more professional and if so, how? International developments in various fields of higher education managementManagement, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)Wed16001620
S0383JanjaKomljenovicUniversities and unicorns: the role of assetisation and rentiership in the construction of higher education digital futuresHigher education policy (HEP)Thu9001000
S0388JulietEveMaking the language of assessment inclusiveLearning, teaching and assessment (LTA)Fri11001200
S0402DinaBelluigiAcademic Citizenship and the (Im)possible Imaginaries of Social Justice: Higher Education in India and South AfricaInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP).Fri11001200
S0410MatthewBunnReimagining Higher Education Equity Research in Transformative timesStudent Access and Experience (SAE)Wed9001030
S0429MatthewBunn(Re)connecting with social justice: Contesting neoliberal transformations of higher educationStudent Access and Experience (SAE)Thu9001000
S0431BarbaraReadGendered HE Journeys in STEM in Pandemic Times: International PerspectivesInternational contexts and perspectives (ICP).Mon14451545
S0470NeilHarrisonMarginalised communities in higher educationStudent Access and Experience (SAE)Mon14451505
S0495LizAustenThe Never Ending Story: Transformative Evaluation Practices in Higher EducationHigher education policy (HEP)Fri11001200