November 13th, 2013 11:00 AM through  4:00 PM
SRHE, 73 Collier Street, N1 9BE
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Facilitators: Dr Jacqueline Stevenson and Professor Sue Clegg
Whilst all stakeholders are in agreement that educational research should be 'ethical', researchers can experience considerable difficulties when attempting to gain institutional ethical approval for their projects. The tensions raised when researchers encounter research ethics committees can include: differing expectations of 'informed consent' and how this might be elicited from research participants (particularly those who for literacy or cultural reasons are unable or unwilling to give written consent) and differing beliefs about the possible risks, as well as the uncertainty of the potential benefits of the research. These tensions can result in researchers being asked to alter their methodological approaches in order to gain consent. This, in turn, has concerning implications for the types and forms of educational research being 'allowed'.
The first part of the session will highlight these tensions by drawing on examples from the presenters own research projects, as well as those brought to the session by participants. In the second part participants will explore ways in which they can retain the integrity of their research projects as well as satisfy institutional concerns.
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