About us

The Society for Research into Higher Education was founded in 1965, and over its 60-year history has worked as a membership society dedicated to the furtherance of the understanding of Higher Education through support for and promotion of research into HE, and by encouraging knowledge exchange amongst researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. We do this primarily through an extensive programme of events, our major annual international conference, and the publication of quality research in our highly respected peer-reviewed journals and book series.

We recognise and support excellence and innovation in research and practice through our awards and grants, we support the career development of our members, and we nurture connectivity and collaboration worldwide for those with an interest in higher education. We take pride in our history and our current activities and aim to build upon these and reinvigorate our mission and objectives, offering new and enhanced services to an increased membership community.

Our Vision

Higher Education research is valued, supported, and promoted worldwide, and is used to advance knowledge, enhance practice, and inform policy.

Our Mission

To advance understanding of higher education, through the insights, perspectives and knowledge offered by high-quality research and scholarship. SRHE supports and promotes research, aiming to be the leading international higher education learned society.

Our Values


We value the research activity and academic freedom of our members, and strive to support, promote and disseminate knowledge of Higher Education to benefit the scholarly community and wider society.


We value academic autonomy and integrity, and encourage the highest academic standards – this is fundamental to everything that we do.


We aim to be reflective, analytical and evaluative, engaging in issues facing Higher Education, and work with allied organisations to promote research-informed action.


We are committed to facilitating discussion and collaboration amongst our members, valuing international, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to fostering an academic community and workplace culture that is diverse, inclusive and respectful, recognising that a dynamic mix of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives enriches the Society and its activities.


We strive to provide the highest standard of support for our members, and in so doing, use our income and other finances to fulfil our charitable function and declared mission. We are committed to effective governance. The Governing Council and Society committees reflect on and scrutinise their activities, and seek to improve their function.


We aim to be sustainable in all our activities, to preserve the Society’s long-term viability and influence, and to reduce our environmental footprint.

Annual Report 2023

The latest Annual Report for the Society for Research into Higher Education (2023) which gives an overview of the Society’s recent activities is available here.
Download SRHE Annual Report 2023

SRHE & the Changing World of HE: The first 25 years
SRHE & the Changing World of HE: The first 25 years

Professor Michael Shattock OBE, from the UCL Institute of Education, London has kindly put together a short history of the Society, tracing its origins in 1965 through to the 1980s, detailing the many changes and key events for the Society over this period.
A pdf version is available below.
SRHE & the Changing World of HE: The first 25 years