Past Events

22 June 2021
Qualifying the debate on Quality
21 June 2021
The Post-Pandemic Doctorate, opportunities for revitalisation of theory and practice: Tricky Issues of Assessment.
18 June 2021
Finding and working with a mentor: making sense of your choices and building your career
17 June 2021
Demystifying and Preparing for the Doctoral Viva
15 June 2021
Finding and using theory in research
14 June 2021
Studying while under occupation, apartheid, and pandemic: Lessons for the digital university
8 June 2021
Writing Grants - Negotiating The Maze
3 June 2021
Transnational Higher Education: A Focus on International Branch Campuses
1 June 2021
Postdigital Humans:Transitions, Transformations and Transcendence
28 May 2021
Using Storytelling and visual tools to disseminate your research

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Are you an experienced, new or aspiring doctoral examiners? Join us on June 25th to share best practice as well as reservations/ trepidations/caveats and success stories w/Pam Denicolo, @JulieDReeves @DrDawnDuke

Join us next Monday 14 June at 2pm for our event on 'Studying While Under Occupation, Apartheid, And Pandemic: Lessons For The Digital University'. Free to attend and open to all! @ibrar_bhatt

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