Past Events

1 June 2023
Discourses of Marketisation: Critical Perspectives
11 May 2023
Perspectives on the Protocols and Procedures of Doctoral Examining
27 April 2023
Sociotechnical Imaginaries in Education
26 April 2023
Landscapes Of Learning For Unknown Futures - Symposium 1: Networks
24 April 2023
Launching our new SRHE Network: Higher Education And The COVID-19 Pandemic (HEC19)
Network: HEC19
30 March 2023
Writing a Book Proposal
Network: SRHE Event
29 March 2023
Reframing employability and graduate outcomes through sustainable development
27 March 2023
Poetic Reflections in Higher Education
8 March 2023
Talking Doctorates: reflections, challenges and opportunities in higher education
7 March 2023
Relational Pedagogies: Connections and Mattering in Higher Education