Past Events

18 May 2022
Connect with the Network: Employability, Enterprise and Work-Based Learning
12 May 2022
Newer Researchers Connect Forum
10 May 2022
Power Hour of Writing 4
4 May 2022
Engaging with Policy, Writing for Parliament
27 April 2022
Writing with Impact for Broader Audiences
25 April 2022
Higher Education, Colour Evasiveness, Belonging, and PGR Experiences
14 April 2022
Presentation Skills
12 April 2022
Power Hour of Writing 3
8 March 2022
Power Hour of Writing 2
25 February 2022
International Academic Mobility, Agency, and LGBTQ+ Rights
Network: SRHE Event

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Probably not #REFable 😕
.. it's not a #JournalArticle. It's not #BookChapter. It's an #illustrated #DigitalArchive! Experiences of #COVID19 #pandemic as told by @AcademicFemales in #diary and #interviews. Launching 1 June. #DearDiaryProject @SRHE73 @myBCUresearch

Exciting to have our paper on the Indigenised university for sustainable development published in IJSHE. Thanks to @SRHE73 for funding the research that underpins the article. @researcher_prof @soajaps

"Discursively, Covid-19 laid bare a higher education sector fluent in the language of competition but mostly unable to articulate its underlying value to society" (new piece by me, with many thanks to colleagues at @SRHE73).

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