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Facilitated by: Dr Charikleia Charoula Tzanakou and Dr Kate Carruthers Thomas who are the convenors of the SRHE Higher Education and the COVID-19 Pandemic (HEC19)

SRHE’s new life-limited network, Higher Education And The COVID-19 Pandemic (HEC19), brings together researchers and practitioners from a range of theoretical, disciplinary and national backgrounds who are engaged in critical studies of the experience, impact and longer-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global higher education sector. The event is an opportunity to share new research and practice and connect with others working in these areas.



12.00 – 12.05

Welcome & introductions

12.05 – 12.25

Stéphanie Mignot-Gérard, Christine Musselin and Aline Waltzing: Explaining organizations’ divergent response paths to the same crisis. The multiple embeddedness of leadership in four universities coping with Covid.

12.25 – 12.45

Jakov Jandrić and Rick Delbridge: Sustaining a collegiate environment: implications of COVID-19 pandemic on colleagueship, community and choice at an Anonymous Business School

12.45 – 13.05

María López Belloso: The COVID 19 impact on European HE & Research

13.05 – 13.25

Panel Discussion

13.25 – 13.30

Summary & close


Speaker Bionotes:

Stéphanie Mignot-Gerard is associate professor at the Institut de Recherche en Gestion (IRG), a Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC) research unit. Her research interests cover the study of universities governance internationally, the implementation of reforms in higher education, the genesis and effects of university rankings. She published her work in more than thirty book chapters or academic journals, including Higher Education, Politiques et Management Public, the European Journal of Education, Terrains&Travaux.

Christine Musselin is a researcher at the Centre for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO), a Sciences Po and CNRS research unit. She leads comparative studies on university governance, higher education policies, and academic labour markets. She is the author of The long March of French Universities, New York, Routledge (2005) and The markets for academics, New York, Routledge (2009). One of her last books La grande course des universités was published by the Presses de Sciences Po in 2017.

Aline Waltzing holds a PhD in the history of sciences since 2020 and investigates the recent history of universities and their governance – notably national evaluation schemes in the 1980s, and universities during the Covid crisis. Since 2022, she works as a researcher and trainer at Adoc Mètis: she leads numerous training courses and workshops destined for university staff, notably doctoral supervisors and PhD researchers.

Jakov Jandrić is the Nick Oliver Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh Business School. His research interests include age and ageing in the workplace, and the exploration of the changing landscape of higher education and its implications for institutions, academics, and students.

Rick Delbridge is Professor of Organizational Analysis, Cardiff Business School, and Co-convenor of the Centre for Innovation Policy Research, Cardiff University.

María López Belloso holds a PhD on Human Rights. She is a lecturer & researcher at the Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty at the University of Deusto, and was part of the Expert Group. Her research interest focuses on Human Rights protection and Gender Equality. She has participated in several EU projects such as GEARING Roles, Resistire, Sociobee or Improve


A recording of this session can be accessed by clicking here.


January 26th, 2024 from 12:00 PM to  1:30 PM
Online event, link will be provided
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