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The session is facilitated by Prof Alex Owen, Prof Namrata Rao and Dr Emily Danvers who are the co-convenors of the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Network. For more details about the network convenors and its activities, please click here.

This event will explore recent research regarding the impact of artificial intelligence on learning, teaching and assessment practices in Higher Education contexts. The opportunities for enhancing the student experience as a result of authentic engagement with AI, as well the possible threats for quality assurance will be discussed.





09.30 – 09.40

Introduction and welcome

SRHE staff

Prof Alex Owen







Keynote 1: 

(Chair: Dr Emily Danvers)





Prof Margaret Bearman from Deakin University.

Title: Inviting students to learn in an AI-mediated world

Recent: Bearman, M., Ryan, J. & Ajjawi, R. Discourses of artificial intelligence in higher education: a critical literature review. High Educ 86, 369–385 (2023). 






10.50- 11.00

Keynote 2:


(Chair: Dr Namrata Rao)




Joshua Thorpe from University of Stirling

Title: Through the AI Looking Looking Glass: A Humane Approach

Recent: The real risk of generative AI is a crisis of knowledge

11.00— 11.10


11.10— 12.10

Panel discussion

(Chairs: Dr Namrata Rao and Dr Emily Danvers)

  1. Dr Sam Saunders from University of Liverpool. 

Title: Generative AI at the University of Liverpool: A focus on AI literacy

  1. Andy Jaffrey & Nic Bartholomew from Ulster University.

Title: Beyond the ‘look what I can do?’, is it remotely possible to currently implement a sustainable, ethical and inclusive institutional wide AI tool to support Learning, Teaching and Assessment?

  1. Dr James Bartlett from University of Glasgow

Title: Preparing students to critically use AI tools in a changing world

  1. Prof Jan Slapeta from University of Sydney.

Title: Teaching doubt with ChatGPT in veterinary degrees: Good is bad, bad is good!

12.10 —12.30

Concluding remarks

Prof Alex Owen

SRHE staff


Speaker bionotes:

Prof Margaret Bearman is a Research Professor within the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE), Deakin University. She has a first-class honours degree in computer science and a PhD in medical education. Margaret has taught and researched higher and professional education for over two decades. She is known for her work in assessment design, feedback in clinical environments, simulation, and education in a time of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Her recent papers on AI include: “Learning to work with the black box: Pedagogy for a world with artificial intelligence” in the British Journal of Educational Technology and “Discourses of artificial intelligence in higher education: a critical literature review” in Higher Education.

Joshua Thorpe is an Academic Skills Advisor at University of Stirling. His work is largely embedded within the Faculties of Social and Natural Sciences. Thorpe’s interests include academic literacies and community-of-practice approaches to learning and teaching, as well as teaching design for accessibility and learner wellbeing, and process-based approaches to reading and writing. He runs a small side project at

Dr Sam Saunders is an educational developer in the Centre for Innovation in Education at the University of Liverpool. He is interested pedagogic authenticity, assessment and feedback practices, and in decolonising the curriculum. Sam has worked extensively on developing Liverpool’s response to the advent of Generative AI, and is currently co-convenor of the Generative AI Network (GAIN). Sam also has a background in nineteenth-century literature and culture, and previously taught at Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Chester.

Andy Jaffrey: Following an earlier career as a Software Developer, and a serendipitous contract in the Education team at the BBC, Andy developed an interest and curiosity for enhancing education through digital means. Andy has developed, and lead on, a number of digital learning projects and systems to support Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Ulster University.  Andy is currently Head of the Centre for Digital Learning Enhancement where he and the team are responsible for all institutional digital learning systems and academic development for technology facilitated learning. The team are proud Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) winners (2022), and as a Senior Fellow of Advance HE, Andy is committed to supporting more professional services colleagues to seek recognition of practice, impact and leadership in teaching and learning through AdvanceHE Fellowship.

Nic Bartholomew: Following a career in Diagnostic Radiography, Nic moved into Higher Education as a Radiography lecturer and after becoming an early adopter of the VLE Moodle in 2004 became a ‘Moodle Champion’ to promote and support technology-enhanced learning. She naturally shifted into an academic staff development role, supporting colleagues in the development and delivery of effective learning, teaching, and assessment practices. After moving to Ulster University six years ago, Nic now works as a Senior Lecturer within the Centre for Quality Enhancement, with a broad and agile quality remit which includes programme quality monitoring, due diligence of collaborative partners, academic guidance, and the strategic development of academic policy. She chair’s the Assessment and Feedback working group and Co-chair’s the Artificial Intelligence in L&T Working Group.

Dr James Bartlett is a learning, teaching, and scholarship track lecturer in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Glasgow. He specialises in teaching quantitative research methods and statistics, and develops resources for teaching data skills using R.

Prof Jan Slapta is Professor of Veterinary and Molecular Parasitology at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney, where he oversees all thing that relate to the study of parasitology and the disease caused by parasites. He combines state-of-the-art applications with a deep historical knowledge of veterinary parasitology, to improve and refine control strategies. Jan is an avid teaching innovator, who introduced virtual microscopy and interactive classes for which he won several outstanding teaching awards. He is currently the Deputy Editor for the International Journal for Parasitology and is past co-Editor-in-Chief for the Veterinary Parasitology.


A recording of this session can be accessed by clicking here.

February 28th, 2024 from  9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
online event, link will be provided
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