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Following our popular first series of monthly SRHE Power Hour of Writing (PHOW) sessions, we are delighted to bring you a series of summer SRHE PHOW sessions. This series will consist of a June PHOW, a July PHOW, and an August 'PHOW Day', which will give participants the opportunity to take part in up to four hour-long writing sessions.  

**Please note that all summer SRHE PHOW sessions – including the day-long event – are free to SRHE members, and will cost non-members £75 (in total). Registering or paying for one session will grant you access to all sessions. By booking for the June session you will also have access to the July and August sessions if you would like to attend those also, but you are not obliged to do so.**

The Power Hour of Writing (PHOW) fosters belonging through an online writing community. Click here to view the PHOW website.

The PHOW supports academics and postgraduate research students in finding time, space, encouragement, and support to engage productively in academic writing. Research indicates that creating positive habits around academic writing (Sword, 2017; Jensen, 2017) and reducing feelings of isolation can help (Murray, 2015); the PHOW model promotes an environment where both of these factors can be addressed.

There are a number of benefits to the PHOW: it provides accountability (Jensen, 2017); it legitimises writing as part of academic life (Sword, 2017); it creates a supportive space where writing becomes a social practice (Murray, 2015). Follow-up research by our facilitators, Dr Stephanie Zihms and Claire Mackie (2020), supports these themes. Feedback from previous participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with one attendee saying that ‘writing together is very motivating, I really like the format of the Power Hour,’ and another noting that the PHOW ‘was slick and purposeful and helped me focus on my writing.’ Indeed, one attendee even said that the thing they liked least about it was ‘That it doesn't happen every week, I could do with it my regular working life!’

Schedule: PHOW Day

10.50 - 10.55: Welcome & what’s on from SRHE

10.55 - 11.00: Check-in and set goals

11.00 - 12.00: Power Hour 1 - work on any aspect of your project

12.00 -12.10: Follow up - share your experience with the group

12:10 - 12:15: Setting goals for Power Hour 2

12:15 - 13:15: Power Hour 2 - work on any aspect of your project

13:15 - 13:25: Follow up - share your experience with the group

40 min lunch break

14:05 - 14:15: Check in & setting goals for Power Hour 3

14:15 - 15:15: Power Hour 3 - work on any aspect of your project

15:15 - 15:25: Follow up - share your experience with the group

15:25 - 15:35: Check in & setting goals for Power Hour 4

15:35 - 16:35: Power Hour 4 - work on any aspect of your project

16:35 - 16:45: Final group follow-up and conclusion


Dr Stephanie G. Zihms, Lecturer, UWS, Research Services

Stephanie is a Lecturer in Researcher Development and she supports researchers in their development by providing training and opportunities to develop new skills. Her focus is on developing activities linked to the Concordat to support the Career Development of researchers, PGR Supervisor development and supporting mid-career academics at UWS. Her research interests are academic writing support and its role in community building, and the role of public engagement (science communication) in research-engaged teaching.

Claire R. Mackie, Lecturer, UWS, Learning Transformation, Innovation and Environments

Claire is a Lecturer and Senior Fellow of the HEA, with over 27 years of experience in learning and teaching at universities in Scotland; her research interests cover widening participation in higher education and supporting staff and students with their academic writing.


Jensen, J. (2017) Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Murray, R. (2015) Writing in Social Spaces: A Social Processes Approach to Academic Writing. London: SRHE-Routledge.

Sword, H. (2017) Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

Zihms, S.G. and Mackie, C.R. (2020) The Power Hour Of Writing: fostering belonging through an online writing community. [Online] Awaiting Publication.

August 2nd, 2022 10:50 AM through  4:00 PM
Online event - link will be provided
United Kingdom
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