Event Details

Thursday 19 November 2020

11.00 - 12.30

An outline of the work of National Educational Opportunities (NEON) ‘Supporting BTEC students’ Working Group

Formed in 2018, this Group focuses on sharing ideas and existing practice around supporting BTEC students. It also provides a platform for research being undertaken in this space, with a view to implementing a more joined up approach across the sector.  Over the past year, we have developed a set of ‘Guiding Principles’ for academics and outreach practitioners working with BTEC learners at each stage of the ‘Student Lifecycle’ as detailed below:
Alex Blower – Southern Universities Network – ‘Championing fair admissions practices for BTEC students’
Becky Foster – University of East Anglia – ‘Conducting meaningful outreach activity with BTEC students in schools and colleges’
Becca Sykes – University of Leeds – ‘Supporting the transition and student success of BTEC students at university’
Chris Bayes – Lancaster University – ‘Understanding the needs of BTEC students through engagement with research’
Our session will provide an overview of each ‘Guiding Principle’ with some case-study examples to illustrate how these can aid academics and practitioners in supporting BTEC students at each stage of their educational journey.