Dr Sazana Jayadeva, University of Surrey

Dr Miguel Antonio Lim, University of Manchester

Dr Josef Ploner, University of Manchester

Dr Cora Lingling Xu, Durham University

The International Research and Researchers’ Network is intended to support the Society’s aim to maintain a prominent place and sustain a leading role within an increasingly global research community.

The network’s activities are centred around:

  • engaging with overseas-based researchers of higher education, and higher education policy makers and practitioners;
  • supporting UK-based researchers and scholars of higher education in international (or non-UK) contexts;
  • promoting and disseminating research into higher education that is undertaken in, or has implications for, international (or non-UK) contexts;
  • promoting and encouraging the incorporation of consideration of international contexts within research into higher education.


The IRR network will be of particular interest to those who:

  • are interested in research and scholarship of higher education in international, or non-UK, contexts;
  • are interested in comparative higher education research;
  • are overseas-based researchers or scholars of higher education;
  • are overseas-based higher education policy makers or practitioners.


The SRHE International Research and Researchers’ Network convenes events during the year to promote dialogue and information exchange and create and support a new network of researchers.

IRR Network Press Coverage

Significant others: ‘dual career’ services on the rise in Europe (Times Higher Education, 7 March 2017)
Academics ponder being on the frontline of ethnographic research (Times Higher Education, 17 November 2016)

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