Past Events

4 July 2017
´In Two Places at Once: Conferences and Caring Responsibilities - Early Findings Event´
22 June 2017
Reframing adult education in the wake of Brexit
7 June 2017
Exploring Capability Theory in Higher Education Research: UK and International Perspectives
4 May 2017
New Languages and Landscapes of Higher Education
13 March 2017
Using theory to understand HE student futures: the ‘possible selves’ concept and its application to analysis of higher education
14 June 2016
Using theory to understand career futures of HE students: the application of ‘Possible Selves’ in educational research
6 May 2016
Postgraduate Student Experience, Employability and Support
18 March 2015
East Asian Research Collaborations Network: new forms of internationalisation
1 September 2014
EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION Exploring effective strategies for turbulent times: University of Porto, Portugal
13 June 2014
Perspectives on Submission and Completion of the Doctorate

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A wonderful first day of Conference has now drawn to a close. We very much look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow! #SRHE2021

13:45 - 14:40 today convenors of the Digital University & Learning, Teaching & Assessment networks will be hosting informal convos. Delegates can join to make connections w/ researchers w/ similar goals & interests, & to learn how we can support your research community. #SRHE2021

We have drop in sessions with @Vitae_news, a Getting Research Books Published, session with Senior Publisher, Alison Baker, @BloomsburyAcEd and A brief chat about Open Access with Katrina Hulme-Cross, Portfolio Manager @educationarena

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