Vitae is the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers, experienced in working with institutions as they strive for research excellence, innovation, and impact.

We are a non-profit programme, part of the Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC) Ltd, with over 50 years’ experience of enhancing the skills of researchers. We strengthen our members’ institutional provision for the professional development of researchers through research and innovation, training and resources, events and membership:

Vitae has four aims:

  • Influence the development and implementation of effective policy relating to researcher development.
  • Enhance higher education provision to train and develop researchers.
  • Empower researchers to make an impact on their careers.
  • Evidence the impact of professional and career development support for researchers

Our partners include governments, funders of research, academies, professional bodies, trusts and foundations, universities and research institutes. CRAC provides research intelligence and innovation for all those who support career development for people of all ages and in all sectors. We work in partnership with government agencies, education organisations and providers, and employers and professional bodies. CRAC is a registered charity No 313164 established in 1964.

Read about our new roadmap to support Vitae’s strategic vision to 2025 in an exciting direction that builds on the championing of research culture and global collaboration.

CRAC is a registered charity No 313164 established in 1964.