Past Events

2 March 2012
The Launch of the Digital University Network
23 February 2012
Students at the heart of a heartless system? - Shaping relationships in Higher Education
7 February 2012
Problematizing Student Support: The affective and academic dimensions
3 February 2012
Leading Professors: professorial academic leadership as it is perceived by the led
Network: SRHE Event
1 November 2011
Work-based Learning and Knowledge: Can Universities Help?
21 October 2011
What is the student experience?
11 October 2011
Higher education identities, cultures and practices: a changing policy context
6 October 2011
Issues in Taught Postgraduate Programmes
9 September 2011
Strangers in a strange land? Student experiences of the internationalisation of higher education
14 July 2011
The Ethics of Widening Participation