Past Events

4 May 2022
Engaging with Policy, Writing for Parliament
27 April 2022
Writing with Impact for Broader Audiences
25 April 2022
Higher Education, Colour Evasiveness, Belonging, and PGR Experiences
14 April 2022
Presentation Skills
12 April 2022
Power Hour of Writing 3
8 March 2022
Power Hour of Writing 2
25 February 2022
International Academic Mobility, Agency, and LGBTQ+ Rights
Network: SRHE Event
24 February 2022
Writing a Book Proposal
16 February 2022
The Making of Doctoral Supervisors
9 February 2022
Posthuman Pedagogies in Higher Education

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Representations of Gypsy, Traveller , Roma, Showmen and Boater Communities in HE & WP discourse: @ForsterNatalie @GallagherGRT & @ccooper1309 provide a critical review and agenda for future research in the report from their SRHE funded project at

Just over 24 hours left to submit a research paper, symposium, or poster to our 2022 International Annual Research Conference! Deadline is 15/06/2022 (23:59 GMT+1). CFP, submission guidelines, assessment criteria, and links to submission pages at

Quick tip for anyone submitting their proposal to @SRHE73 conference #OxfordAbstracts portal and struggling with the 750 word limit. The site seems to interpret any extra spaces as characters. So edit yours down to reduce final submission frustration. #highereducation 🤓

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