Past Events

22 April 2024
Newer Researcher Work in Progress Webinar 2
12 April 2024
Higher Education’s Language Problem: Navigating Multilingualism in Contemporary Universities
Network: SRHE Event
18 March 2024
Newer Researcher Work in Progress Webinar 1
13 March 2024
Rethinking Graduate Employability in Context
11 March 2024
In the age of AI, how do we know what students know? Making assessment fit for purpose
28 February 2024
Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on Learning, Teaching & Assessment
22 February 2024
Doctoral Assessment: Fit for Purpose in the 2020s and Beyond?
13 February 2024
Creativity in Education: International Perspectives
Network: SRHE Event
9 February 2024
Constructivist Approaches & Methods of Research
2 February 2024
Using Diary Method in Social Research