Past Events

29 March 2023
Reframing employability and graduate outcomes through sustainable development
27 March 2023
Poetic Reflections in Higher Education
8 March 2023
Talking Doctorates: reflections, challenges and opportunities in higher education
7 March 2023
Relational Pedagogies: Connections and Mattering in Higher Education
3 March 2023
Studies in Higher Education on: Preparing Special Issues
15 February 2023
Personal Approaches to Research in Higher Education: portrait methodology, conversational methodology and grounded theory
1 February 2023
Working-Class and Working in Higher Education: Possibilities & Pedagogies
Network: SRHE Event
16 January 2023
Newer Researcher Award Webinar
Network: SRHE Event
13 January 2023
International Students and University-to-Work Transition
5 December 2022
SRHE Conference 2022, Mobilities in Higher Education
Network: SRHE Event