Past Events

27 January 2021
The impact of a pandemic - a global perspective
Network: SRHE Event
22 January 2021
Hope, social mobility and personal emancipation: what does the future hold for mature students in English Higher Education?
19 January 2021
Covid19 Vaccines and the Global Good: The Relationship between Universities, Pharmaceutical Companies and Government
13 January 2021
THIRDSPACE: an online writing community for female academics
11 December 2020
Ableism in academia
Network: SRHE Event
10 December 2020
Newer Researchers Award: Launch Webinar
1 December 2020
Research Approaches and Methods
27 November 2020
Designing ethical pedagogic research: tensions, challenges and responsibilities
26 November 2020
Revitalising doctoral education: beyond global trauma
20 November 2020
Undertaking a Literature Review

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@OlgaMun_ED Great idea! I think there would be lots of colleagues at #BERA2021 and also members of @SRHE73 interested in being part of a feminist HE reading group. Does anyone know of any such (open) groups that already exist?

Back in April we hosted an event 'Towards Decolonizing Curriculum and Pedagogy across Disciplines and Global Higher Education Contexts'. We're pleased to hear that an article from our speakers has recently been published and is available online 1/2

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